Top 10 Halloween Songs

Oct 31, 2012

I was given the daunting task to come up with a festive Halloween playlist. What to choose, what to choose!?

When I think festive, I think of songs that either epitomize the night of Halloween or go over board to completely do their own thing. It's Halloween, and some songs should a little weird and creative.

Listen to our top 10 as you ready yourselves to roam the dark and bitter streets! We have Halloween songs for a range of tastes.And since we at WCBE like to keep our music family friendly for the next generation, there’s no need to worry— all of these songs keep the lyrics clean, but I can't say that they won't leave you with weird images and may be even your heart racing.

1. “Ghost Riders in the Sky” -Johnny Cash

The classic country rock anthem—with a haunting twist! 

2. “Scare Crow” - Beck

This is song reps the old school indie sound. Beck never disappoints. It’s a ghoulishly strange song.

3.“Thriller”- Michael Jackson

I felt that I would be frowned upon if I forgot this massive pop hit. It’s iconic. It’s so Halloween.

4. “Monster Mash”- Bobby Boris Pickett

This one’s for the kids! 

5. “Witchy Woman”- Eagles

I love this eerie harmony. It’s for those who like to keep it mellow on Halloween.

6. “Nightmare on My Street”- Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff

For our light-hearted, goofy fans; listen to this song for a cheesy hip hop, hollerin’, Halloween.

7. “Halloween Song” Lost in Society

Go punk for Halloween!

8. “Devil Went Down to Georgia” - Charlie Daniels

Why don’t more songs have the fiddle? Now this is a one-of-a-kind Halloween song that you can listen to year round.

9. "Night After Night"-Noise Controllers 

If you like dub step, here's a creepy and ominous song to dance to.

10. “Outnumbered”- Devil Wears Prada

And because I love heavy metal, I threw in this beauty. It’s intense. Enjoy.

Happy Halloween from WCBE… Listen if you dare!