Turnpike Commission Joins DeWine's Anti-Health Care Law Lawsuit

Feb 17, 2015

The Ohio Turnpike Commission has joined a lawsuit against the federal government over what Republican state Attorney General Mike DeWine calls an unconstitutional health care tax.

The lawsuit argues there's no precedent allowing the collection of 6.25 million dollars last year from government entities and nothing in the federal health care law allows such a tax. At issue --- a provision in the law permitting tax assessments against health insurance companies and certain employers who offer self-insured group plans to help keep premiums affordable. The Turnpike Commission joined the lawsuit because it has a self-insured group plan for its employees. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which declined comment on the lawsuit, has said the law helps keep premiums affordable. DeWine has been a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act passed under Democratic U.S. President Barack Obama