Two Arrested In Toledo For Allegedly Planning Separate Terror Attacks

Dec 10, 2018

Damon Joseph (L) and Elizabeth Lecron
Credit Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal authorities say they've charged two people in Ohio involved in planning separate attacks, including one who wanted to carry out a shooting at a synagogue.   

The FBI and Department of Justice said Monday that the attacks were in the planning stages and that there was no immediate threat to the public.  But they say both people who are from the Toledo area had identified specific places they wanted to target.  

The FBI says 21-year-old Damon Joseph wanted to carry out an attack on behalf of ISIS and began focusing on a synagogue and talked of killing many people, including a rabbi.  The FBI says Joseph told them he was motivated by the synagogue attack in Pittsburgh. He claims allegiance to ISIS. He was arrested after allegedly buying firearms from undercover agents. Federal authorities say 23-year-old Elizabeth Lecron wanted to shoot up a bar and also blow up a pipeline in Georgia. The feds say she admired and corresponded with Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof. She allegedly had several targets she was interested in bombing.