Two State Democrats Propose Universal Health Care Plan

Oct 30, 2017

(l-r): Debbie Silverstein of the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio, Dayton Doctor Kathy Lambes, Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent and Representative Teresa Fedor
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Two Democratic state lawmakers have proposed a plan for universal health-care.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports on the longshot "Ohio Health Security Act".

Represenatives Teresa Fedor of Toledo and Bernadine Kennedy Kent of Columbus say their plan would ensure all Ohioans have health insurance – including the 1.5 million who don’t have it now. Debbie Silverstein with the Single Payer Action Network of Ohio says because the system would be publicly funded, that means taxes.


“We are already paying through taxes about two-thirds of the health care cost in this nation. The one third that we’re not paying for are generally healthy people between 18-64. So it’s not that much more to add those people in.”


Other states that have investigated single payer have found the price tag is in the billions. Republican House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger said he doesn’t expect the idea to go over well with his colleagues.