U.S. EPA Cuts Could Affect Ohio's Land, Air And Water

Aug 10, 2017

Lake Erie shoreline
Credit Andy Chow / Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

Environmental advocates say the state’s land, air and water are at risk if  proposed cuts to the U.S. EPA are implemented.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

A plan working its way through Congress could cut the U.S. EPA by 8%.


Environmental groups, including the Sierra Club and Moms Clean Air Force, say this poses a threat to Ohio’s most valuable resources such as Lake Erie.


Michael Mikulka, an engineer for the EPA, says the reduced budget would cut the staff members who do field work to investigate potential problems, or in his words “less cops on the beat.”


“That gives those that would take the opportunity to not meet the standards a better chance at not getting caught.”


But Mikulka’s boss, U.S. EPA Director Scott Pruitt argues that his agency can trim the budget and still meet the core mission of improving land, air and water quality.



Tracy Sabetta with Moms Clean Air Force notes that the proposed budget would make a 44% cut in state grant funding, adding that Ohio has recently used $13 million in that kind of funding to improve the Lake Erie watershed.