Vax-A-Million Winner Says Lottery Was The Push He Needed

Jun 3, 2021

Jonathan Carlyle is the state's second Vax-a-million sweepstake winner.
Credit Andy Chow

The latest winner of Ohio's million-dollar vaccine lottery says the sweeptsakes was the extra motivation he needed to go get the COVID-19 shot. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

Jonathan Carlyle was finishing a shift of delivering packages for Amazon when he found out he won a million dollars. The father of a newborn says he planned to get the shot but work would get in the way. 

"I just kept putting it off, putting it off. I knew I needed to get it and wanted to get it. And when ya'll announced the Vax-A-Million, as soon as I heard that I said yes I've got to go do this now."

College scholarship winner Zoie Vincent says she plans to go to medical school. The 17-year-old had COVID-19 a few months ago and said it was the sickest she'd ever been which motivated her to get the shot when she was eligible.