Vote On Congressional Redistricting Plan Delayed

Feb 5, 2016

The congressional redistricting proposal hit a snag right before taking the next step toward becoming a reality.

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

The proposal, which requires bipartisan approval on newly drawn congressional
districts, was scheduled for a vote in committee. But the panel which is part of the
larger Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, delayed that vote for members
who say they're worried the measure breaks federal election laws.
But Democratic Senator Charleta Tavares says she wants to build on the success of a
ballot issue last fall, which changed the way state lawmakers' districts are drawn.
Tavares: "The longer we continue a process where we gerrymander districts that work
in the favor of Party X or Party Y -- the longer the people's voice is not heard."
The committee hopes to meet again within the next six weeks to pass a plan.