WCBE Spring 2016 Warp Drive

Feb 29, 2016

The Warp Drive has returned! 

The concept is simple:  the more money we raise during the Warp Drive, the shorter we can make the regular Spring on-air fundraiser.  Some public radio stations who tried this experiment were able to cancel all but one day of their on-air fundraiser.  In WCBE’s case, we can cancel a day of on air fundraising for every $28,000 raised in advanced. 

The on-air Spring fundraiser is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, April 7th and run until Friday, April 15th, but you hold the power to shorten or even cancel the drive all together – keeping your favorite shows interruption-free.  You can help us cancel the first day in full – just by donating now at  If you give $90.50 or more, you can receive an exclusive Warp Drive t-shirt, designed by local illustrator Matthew Spurlock

Artwork for Warp Drive T-Shirt
Credit Matthew Spurlock

WCBE listeners proved in 2015 that the Warp Drive concept was preferred over a regular fund drive. Members donated so much that we were able to shave off three days in the Spring and two in the Fall. Let’s preserve your favorite programs whole and uninterrupted this Spring, too – donate now at  Then, wear your Warp Drive t-shirt with pride, letting other listeners know you helped change the way public radio stations raise funds.  

Thanks so much for your help!