WCBE's Random Acts of Kindness Journal - Giving the Gift of Life

Jun 19, 2019

During our on air Spring 2019 Fund Drive, WCBE staff members dedicated themselves to perform five random acts of kindness individually once we received over 1,000 donations from our kind listeners. 

Our third documented act of kindness was donating blood these past couple of weeks. The American Red Cross has made a few pleas the last couple of months for people to come out and give blood. The reason for the urgent need of blood is, back in January of this year outside circumstances kept the Red Cross from collecting 27,000 blood donations than they usually do. Currently, they are requesting Type O blood which is very versatile and can be used in almost any situation. They are behind on Type O donations by about 11,500. 

 WCBE staff members Caitlin Farkas and Heather Anderson have taken the time out of their day to go donate blood to the American Red Cross and ultimately for the people in need. Caitlin went to OSU Thompson Library to give blood and Heather went to Stone Ridge in Gahanna. 

 Thank you again for making Columbus a brighter place, simply by being a member of WCBE! 

 Stay tuned for more random acts of kindness to be shared in the future! Visit to schedule a blood donation, view donation criteria and more.