The Year in Review with Megan Henry and Sheridan Hendrix of the Columbus Dispatch

Jan 5, 2020

(L-R), Dispatch reporters Megan Henry and Sheridan Hendrix, with Prognosis Ohio host, Dan Skinner

Show Notes

Host: Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner)

Guests: Megan Henry (@megankhenry) and Sheridan Hendrix (@sheridan120) of the Columbus Dispatch (@DispatchAlerts)

Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Frantz

The following will provide readers with some background information on subjects discussed on the episode, including articles written by Sheridan Hendrix and Megan Henry:

On Vaping 

CDC Data here

Ohio Department of Health data here

Selected Dispatch Reporting on Vaping:

Selected Dispatch Reporting on Opioid Addiction and Overdoses

Selected Dispatch Reporting on Needle exchange 

To listen to Broken Pledge, hosted by Sheridan Hendrix, and reported on with Lucas Sullivan and Mike Wagner, click here

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