Yost Files Suit To Block FirstEnergy From Collecting Ratepayer Dollars Due To Bailout Bill

Sep 23, 2020

Ohio Attorney General David Yost, 2019
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Attorney General David Yost is attempting to block nuclear power plants from receiving what could be more than a billion dollars of ratepayer money from the bailout law passed a year ago.

Yost filed a civil lawsuit based on the findings of a federal corruption investigation. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

Federal investigators say a utility believed to be FirstEnergy and other companies played a role in a $60 million bribery scheme that helped pass HB6, the nuclear power plant bailout, into law. 


Yost says his lawsuit will stop the defendants in the case from receiving the subsidies, created through rate increases on electric bills next year.  


Yost Bite 2: "Because it is essentially ill-gotten gains that corrupt activity should not result in a monetary advantage." 


However, those new charges will still appear on electric bills unless lawmakers repeal HB6.  


The lawsuit also seeks punitive damages to defendants including former House Speaker Larry Householder.