Yost Hosts Human Trafficking Summit

Jan 10, 2020

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Attorney General David Yost wants state and community leaders to send a message that there's help available for victims of human trafficking. 

He says lawmakers can play a role in that message. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.  

Yost told hundreds of advocates and community resource groups at his human trafficking summit that it's important to spread a message of hope around Ohio.

He says one thing the state can do is coordinate efforts to make sure victims of human trafficking know there's help waiting for them


Yost: "A lot of these folks have been told over and over again 'nobody will believe you,' and they believe that about themselves. They feel their own inability to break free. The start is for an individual person to take the next breath and have hope."


Yost is also working with the legislature on several bills which include increasing aid for victims and cracking down on offenders who pay for sex.