Yost Proposes Changes In How State Handles Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Apr 23, 2019

David Yost talks with reporters about his proposal
Credit Ohio Public Radio
Ohio Attorney General David Yost wants to see prescription drug purchases for state employees centralized and subject to review by the state auditor in an effort to promote additional safeguards and transparency.

Those are among four changes Yost recommended to lawmakers Monday that he says would further the state's efforts to contain the costs of pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs. Those are private companies that contract with governments to manage prescription programs. 

Yost proposes establishing a single master PBM contract for administration of drug purchases for state employees and giving the state auditor "unrestricted authority" to review all PBM drug contracts, purchases and payments. 

He also recommends giving PBMs a legal obligation to protect the financial interests of the state and prohibiting nondisclosure agreements surrounding drug pricing.