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Two big Columbus media personalities -- John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto -- put their love of great movies on the line every week on Cinema Classics, a dynamic conversation about the classics of the past and the contemporary movies and performers that might be classics in the future. Then, of course, these guys could always engage in the odd, unclassifiable just never know with these two.  

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John and Johnny think about the cultural messages in two comedies out now.

The Annual Summer Films I

Applying "gothic" to some American films is a challenging idea.

Guy Ritchie is a multicolored filmmaker.

John and Johnny enjoy the emergence of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

Inspired by Concrete Cowboy, John and Johnny survey Black cowboys in cinema.

John and Johnny give their final assessment of Oscars 2021.

Film discussion: Oscars 2021 Ceremony

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

The secrets of the best supporting actor/actress categories  are revealed.

Our critics explain "director's cut."

John and Johnny debate the merits of theater v home viewing.

John and Johnny argue about the Oscar Nominations in 2021.

John and Johnny argue about the Oscar Nominations in 2021.

Inspired by her Golden Globe award, John and Johnny survey Jodie Foster's career.

John and Johnny cite new directors worthy of seeing again.

We are getting used to great Korean films.

Our critics define "Thriller."

Denzel is the balance between actor and star.

Animation King-Pixar's Soul is an example of  excellent animation.

John and Johnny, inspired by Nomadland, talk about going west in movies.

John and Johnny, inspired by Da 5 Bloods, review Spike Lee's work.

John and Johnny assess The Columbus Ohio Film Critics Association's top film pics for '20.

Cinema Classics Jan 21, '21-- NYT Top 25 Actors

Jan 18, 2021

John and Johnny don't always agree with the NYT list of top 25 actors of this century.

The newest entries in The National Film Registry

Our critics preview movies of 2021.

Mank shows the talents of director David Fincher and Orson Welles.

John and Johnny have some new nominees for Christmas movies.

Another Cronenberg directing another challenge: Possessor

Film discussion: Possessor

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto
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Costner endures with his certifiable star quality.

Johnny and Johnny analyze the content of Hillbilly movies.