Depicting The Invisible

Depicting the Invisible, a portrait series of veterans suffering from PTSD by artist Susan J. Barron, is the basis for this podcast. Her work is in direct response to the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day. This portrait series is currently on exhibition at the Hunter Museum of American Art and the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus.

Through interviews by the artist, this podcast hopes to continue the dialogue that her work has begun, and shine a light on the power of art, the epidemic of PTSD and suicide, Military sexual assault, and the power of music to heal.

Artist Susan J. Barron discusses her portrait of Sgt. Akeem Brewster with Samir Bitar, a leader in the museum field. Samir expresses his own personal experiences with PTSD, suicide, and Veterans homelessness. He discusses his role at the Smithsonian and the role of museums in our national dialogue.

Artist Susan J. Barron discusses her portrait of Sgt. Brian Torres with guest Stephen Bradford, also a veteran suffering from PTSD. Stephen shares his story of PTSD and multiple acts of suicide. He discusses how music saved him, and how he works to share the healing power of music with others. Then listen to the Stephen Bradford Band Live from Scottsdale, Az.