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  • Hosted by John Diliberto

"Echoes" creates a modern soundscape of music that draws from a multitude of cultures, traditions and genres. Hosted by music journalist John Diliberto, this daily two-hour series of evocative, ground-breaking music seamlessly bridges new instrumental, world fusion, new acoustic, impressionistic jazz and inventive vocal styles.

Special program segments include produced features that showcase an artist, cover new developments or events in contemporary music, and present Living Room Concerts, intimate performances in artists' homes. The daily features, which focus on specific artists, trends and themes in contemporary music, are similar in format to arts features heard on established news shows.

Pure Bathing Culture
Phil Chester Photography

Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman of Pure Bathing Culture will join us Live From Studio A in advance of the show that night with Lucius at Columbus Athenaeum Theatre!

They're out on the road with the brand new release Night Pass and you'll get to hear all about it on WCBE!

Joan Shelley will drop by the WCBE studios for a Live From Studio A session on Wed. Sept. 28th! 

Chad Kettering on Echoes, Tuesday @ 10pm

Sep 8, 2015

Chad Kettering started out as a classical trumpet player, but on the way to the concert hall he discovered synthesizers and started creating an orchestral electronic sound. His latest album is an epic journey called Pathways. Join John Diliberto when Kettering talks about the path he'’s taken on Echoes, a music soundscape, tonight at 10 p.m. on 90.5 FM, WCBE.

Echoes Autumnal Equinox, Tuesday Sept. 23rd @ 10pm

Sep 23, 2014

Summer is Gone, fall is upon us. Join John Diliberto in the changing of seasons for an Echoes Autumnal Equinox soundscape.  We’ll be hearing music for the passing of summer and sounds celebrating the changing of colors and the coming harvest as we begin our descent into winter. That's coming up on Echoes, Tuesday, September 23rd, starting at 10pm, on 90. FM WCBE.

Timbre will be joining us Live From Studio A ahead of her performance that night at Kitamu Coffee for their annual Christmas series with toy donations going to "Good Tidings Christmas Store". 

Sigur Rós could be forgiven for sounding better on record than in concert. The Icelandic band's songs either billow out deliberately or stomp majestically, and in every case entail the building of layers upon intricate sonic layers. Plus, singer Jónsi — he of the otherworldly voice, singing mostly in a ghostly language of his own devising — is no Mick Jagger when it comes to calling attention to himself.