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King Richard

2 hours ago

May be Will Smith's first best-actor Oscar in a surprisingly-good sports biopic.

It's Movie Time Dec 3, '21 House of Gucci

Dec 1, 2021

John and Mindy liken House of Gucci to opera lite. They love it.

House of Gucci

Nov 23, 2021

Thriller, romance, opera? You decide because this potboiler has it all. Out Nov 24 only in theaters.

Tick, tick . . . Boom!

Nov 22, 2021

A brief segment of Jonathan Larson's life creating musicals (on Netflix). Yes, he created Rent.

John and Mary mash up two current Oscar-worthy films.

A most delightful way to visit a classic from the past and dare to improve it. Superb comic ghostbusting.


Nov 20, 2021

Kristen Stewart should be Oscar nominated for deftly depicting the contrasting sides of Princess Diana in a typical weekend with the relatives.

John/Wayne celebrate Edgar Wright's nostalgic, tumultuous Soho.


Nov 16, 2021

Kenneth Branagh's semi-autobiography is warm and nostalgic, one of the best movies of the year and of his life.

Last Night in Soho

Nov 12, 2021

Edgar Wright  combines his chaotic-people motifs with Sparks-Brothers-like musical force to give us an intoxicating time travel back to '60's Soho and two dynamic heroines.

The Beta Test

Nov 11, 2021

Cummings has moved from comedy to thriller with an effective cautionary tale about Hollywood adultery and ambition.

It's Movie Time Nov 12, '21 Eternals

Nov 11, 2021

John and Kevin welcome Eternals into the MCU.

Army of Thieves

Nov 7, 2021

Netflix gives us a sophisticated heist replete with humor and suspense. From Zach Snyder's story, only a couple of undead abut a heap of incompetent, comical live ones.

Eternals competes well with the best Marvel adventures and may have more serious questions than ever.

The Harder They Fall

Nov 5, 2021

I love Westerns, and I applaud this exciting modern take.

The Harder They Fall

The Harder They Fall is a new Netflix Western with a majority of its cast Black. If you anticipate a diatribe about white injustice’s treatment toward people of color around the Civil War, go to 12 Years a Slave because this oater has its sensibilities more in creativity than in imitation. Importantly, consider that a third of real cowboys were Black.

John and Mindy are serious Wes Anderson fans.

The French Dispatch

Oct 30, 2021

A typical Wes Anderson whimsy, eccentric and enjoyable.

It's Movie Time Oct 29, '21 The Last Duel

Oct 27, 2021

John and Mary find dynamic contemporary connections with this historical drama.

John and Jordan look back at how they loved this little lady and the doc as well on Netflix.

Old Henry

Oct 16, 2021

A new old western evocative of Unforgiven with suspense and heart. On Prime.

It's a powerful epic set 600 years ago but as timely as Harvey Weinstein.

Big Bad Wolves

Oct 13, 2021

From the same filmmakers as Gunpowder Milkshake, this thriller-satire is worth the admission to Prime.

It's Movie Time Oct 8, '21 The Guilty

Oct 7, 2021

John and Kevin enjoy this Netflix original.

The Guilty

Oct 6, 2021

A challenging evening with Netflix in control.

John/Wayne love this biopic especially for Jessica Chastain's star turn as Tammy Faye.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Sep 25, 2021

A rousing biopic with the best female performance of the year.

It's Movie Time Sept 24, '21 Cry Macho

Sep 23, 2021

John/Wayne assess the Clint Eastwood neo-western Cry Macho.

Cry Macho

Sep 19, 2021

It's classic Eastwood with modern touches. Hearty and engaging.

John and Mary disagree about the film's greatness, but Mary at least likes Isaac's performance. John is all in for the film.

The Alpinist

Sep 12, 2021

Free Solo climbing was never so alluring and dangerous as it is in this outstanding doc. In theaters.