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  • MarCom Awards: Gold Award, 2010
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  • MarCom Awards: Gold Award, 2009

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The Alpinist

Sep 12, 2021

Free Solo climbing was never so alluring and dangerous as it is in this outstanding doc. In theaters.

The Card Counter

Sep 10, 2021

One of the best films of the year and one of the best peformances. Worth going back to the theaters.

A joy to behold: Marvel does it again: Marvelous fantasy adventure.

9/11: It's Movie Time Sept 10, '21 Worth

Sep 9, 2021

John and Mindy talk about Netflix's dramatic docudrama, Worth.


Sep 6, 2021

Exciting, entertaining docudrama about  the Victims' Compensation Fund and its master, Ken Feinberg, played with consummate skill by Michael Keaton.


Sep 3, 2021

A hotbed of dialogue with superior acting and the best commentary on COVID yet.

It's Movie Time Sept 2, '21 Candyman

Sep 2, 2021

John and Kevin find much to like with this stylish sequel.


Aug 28, 2021

Candyman is a current classic built on its  original classic (1992). Smart and entertaining, it's what exciting cinema can be.

John and Mary enjoy the challenges brought out by this controversial doc.

Stranger than fiction--but wait, is it non-fiction?


Aug 21, 2021

Even with a Netflix subscription, you'd do better to see an old Jason Bourne thriller.


Aug 21, 2021

A noir-sci-fi mix both entertaining and confounding, just the right mashup for a drama whose centerpiece is the mind.

The Protege

Aug 20, 2021

Heavily cliched but peppered with great actors and occasionally smart dialogue.

Listen as John and Linda have deep respect for the biopic about Aretha.


Aug 14, 2021

A biopic perfectly suited to one of history's greatest performers.


Aug 13, 2021

A super doc about a fascinating star. Included with Prime.

John/Wayne thoroughly enjoy the comedy in The Suicide Squad.

A suspenseful sci-fi more like a high-brow thriller that is really a celebration of life.


Aug 7, 2021

An unusually satisfying musical about love and fame from the unusually eccentric  Sparks Brothers.

The Suicide Squad

Aug 6, 2021

Expertly comic and wildly energetic, this squad kills it all, especially the original Suicide Squad.

It's Movie Time August 6, '21 Stillwater

Aug 5, 2021

John and Kevin discuss  two movies in one with Stillwater.

The Green Knight

Aug 1, 2021

Epic and lush with a memorable hero for all time.


Jul 31, 2021

Maybe not what you expected--It's a non formulaic thriller with a complicated hero, a tense justice framework, and a few comedic moments.

Joe Bell

Jul 29, 2021

Mark Wahlberg gives a strong performance in a weak film.

It's Movie Time July 30, '21 Old

Jul 29, 2021

John and Mindy favor this Twilight-Zone imitation of suspense and loss.


Jul 24, 2021

M. Night is back to daylight with an amusing allegory about aging. In theaters

John and Mary disagree about the new Netflix, Tarantino-like  thriller, Gunpowder Milkshake.


Jul 21, 2021

One of the best films and performances of the year.

Gunpowder Milkshake

Jul 19, 2021

An expertly-stylized Tarantino-like thriller with humor and humanity aplenty. Netfilx.

A fascinating biography of arguably the most celebrated chef of this century.