Midnight Audio Theatre

Saturdays, Midnight - 1am
  • Hosted by Catherine Rinella

Midnight Audio Theatre is weekly program that devotes itself to showcasing some of the best new and original audio dramas and radio plays - from adventure to science fiction, horror to comedy. Each episode has at least one long-running series, with the occasional sprinkling of shorts.


Faster than a satellite radio wave!
 More powerful than a hi-definition transmitter!
 Able to leap giant broadcast towers in a single bound!
 Master of the airwaves, Radioman!
 And with that, Radioman was born on WCBE's airwaves.

The creators of The Thrilling Adventure Hour proudly call it "fake radio." It's less an homage to old-time radio and more of a clever update. A live monthly performance at Largo, a 200-seat, scruffy-chic Hollywood nightclub is also available as a popular podcast through Nerdist.