Shakin' It

Saturdays, 8pm - 10pm

SHAKIN' IT is a show about having fun! Either prepping for a night out on the town... or as the musical background for a more low key "stay at home" party, SHAKIN' IT will have the tunes that keep your toes a tappin.' Funk to Punk, Soul to Swing, Retro to Reggae... anything that's fun or funky might get spun. You can also count on weekly doses of rockabilly, surf, garage, and worldbeat... with a weekly "For Lover's Only" segment... spotlighting a slow, soulful romantic song. Former WCBE Radio Free Columbus DJ (1991-1995) Jon Peterson hosts.

Long Tall Deb will release her new CD "Raise Your Hands" on Sat. Dec. 8th @ Woodland's Tavern.



Holiday music brings out the quirks and extremes in many of us. Some love it but find it a sin to play before Thanksgiving. Others despise it and can't wait until the New Year so they don't have to hear it again, at least for another year.