2014 Ohio elections

Ohio Democrats haven’t had too much to cheer about this week after staggering losses at the polls Tuesday. 

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Treasurer’s race is one that Democrats were thought to have a chance of winning last night. 

Sarah Ingles

There weren’t any surprises in the statewide races. But there were some shockers in the Statehouse races – including a major upset. 

Ohio Public Radio

It was a big night for Republicans as the party swept all the statewide races and brings momentum into Gov. John Kasich’s second term. While the Democrats now find themselves in a big state of unrest. 

The Campaigns For Ohio Auditor

Sep 22, 2014

Ohio Auditor is one of the statewide offices on the November ballot.

A federal judge has ruled that voters arrested and jailed the weekend before Election Day must be given a chance to cast an absentee ballot. 

Two Libertarian candidates for statewide office in Ohio have been tossed from the May primary ballot by the state elections chief. 

Ohio's governor has signed into law a measure setting when provisional ballots are counted in the political swing state and what it takes to cast one. 

Several Bills In Play As Big Election Approaches

Nov 25, 2013

Republicans and Democrats at the Statehouse are battling over bills that could change laws covering voting.

Today marks the deadline to register for the November 5 general election.

Party Leaders Discuss 2014 Campaign

Oct 4, 2013

The next big election in Ohio is just 13 months away.

Tea Party activists are being told they have a lot of opportunity in next year’s elections, as they continue to oppose Republicans on several issues.

The Republicans at the head of state government say they hope to remain on the job after 2014. The governor, state auditor, treasurer, attorney general and secretary of state have all indicated they plan to run again. And they have significant campaign cash on hand already.