2020 General Election

Multiple sources confirm there have been some big staffing changes at the Ohio Democratic Party in recent days. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports. 

At the beginning of 2020, few had heard of coronavirus.

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After an election where polls showed Democrats would do well in Ohio but largely didn’t, the leader of the state Democratic Party is resigning.


The results of the 2020 vote in Ohio have been officially certified as the highest turnout ever.

Nearly three-fourths ths of registered voters in Franklin County cast a ballot in the 2020 general election, according to election officials. 


Ohio’s Republican attorney general wants the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling extending the deadline for absentee ballots to be returned.


As other states continue to tally the votes in the presidential race, President Trump is making false statements about widespread fraud that other leaders say undermines the election process.

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There were no widespread technical problems in Tuesday’s statewide vote.

Tuesday was bad for Ohio Democrats and brought wins for Republicans on Capitol Square. 

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Ohio Democrats lost the presidency last night as well as many key statewide and congressional races.

The Associated Press reports President Trump has again carried Ohio, as he did four years ago. 

A voting season unlike any other is coming to an end, but the timeline for results is up in the air. Follow NPR's live election coverage, including voting updates, race calls and analysis.

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The entire Ohio House and half the Senate, both of which are controlled by Republicans, are on the ballot this year.

Columbus-based White Castle is giving workers paid time off to vote on Election Day. 

President Trump is advocating that people who previously voted for Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden change their vote.

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A federal lawsuit against Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose that could have allowed counties to add more ballot drop boxes at various locations for this election has been dropped.

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Iranian influence specialists are behind threatening emails sent to voters in Alaska and Florida, U.S. officials said on Wednesday evening and suggested that more such interference could be in store from Russia.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the U.S. intelligence community believes Iranian and Russian operatives obtained voter-record information, which enabled Iran to target some people with intimidating emails based on party registration about how they'd better vote for President Trump "or else."

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A direct mail company hired to print and distribute absentee ballots to Ohioans who requested them has not been able to get them to voters as fast as was promised.

A new grassroots organization in Columbus wants to help voters cast their ballots. 

A federal judge has temporarily blocked an order by Ohio’s elections chief that limits the number of ballot drop boxes available in next month’s election. 

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Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has issued a directive for the Franklin County Board of Elections in order to fix the mistake of sending wrong ballots to voters. The scope of the problem is yet to be determined. But election officials say this creates an important lesson for voters around the state. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

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During the first presidential debate in Cleveland Tuesday night, President Trump urged supporters to go to voting locations and "watch very carefully."

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More than 1.8 million Ohioans have requested absentee ballots.

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The process of matching a voter’s signature on a ballot or ballot application against the signature provided on a voter’s initial registration will continue for the November election.

Data obtained by the Associated Press shows U.S. Postal Service districts are missing the agency's own standards for on-time delivery as millions of Americans prepare to vote by mail. 

President Trump has falsely claimed for months that mail-in ballots are unreliable and easily to rig, but Ohio Republicans say that's not the case.

The White House says President Trump will stop in Dayton on Monday for a campaign event. 

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The Franklin County judge who ruled Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose has the authority to order more ballot drop box locations granted a preliminary injunction to allow county boards of election to install them 

A proposal by Ohio’s elections chief to attach postage to every mail-in ballot has failed to gain crucial approval. 

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Authorities in government and Big Tech unveiled a number of actions and announcements on Thursday in the ongoing effort to defend the 2020 election from foreign interference.

The Treasury Department announced it's sanctioning a member of the Ukrainian parliament who waged an influence campaign aimed at the 2020 election — one who specifically spread "false and unsubstantiated narratives" about former Vice President Joe Biden.