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So many stories in the news recently focus on a never ending litany of reports of violence. Racist violence against our neighbors, the death of Black men and women at the hands of those who we trust to protect us, and regularly occurring gun shots and deaths in the inner city raised to headlines only when they are experienced in suburban malls. Is this another recent consequence of COVID or are there deeper issues to address? Our panelist will discuss what they are doing to address violence in order to make a real change for a safer community for everyone.

Ohio Department of Aging

As part of Older Americans Month, Ohio's Department of Aging seeks stories from residents revealing the many ways older adults and their communities are connected. The department will collect and share Stories of Strength, which can be about organizations or individuals who overcame challenges to meet an older adult's needs.

Research has shown that diversity at every level of leadership leads to a more successful organization. In the first segment, Dr. Christopher Washington of Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio, joins Maureen to discuss the importance of J.E.D.I. (just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments) S.P.A.C.E. (supportive, purposeful, accountable, collaborative, and evaluative practices). The second segment features Valrie Grant, the Managing Director of GeoTechVision and one of the five 2020 WE Empower UN Sustainability Development Goals Challenge Awardees. She will discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of leadership, including the board room.


Exploring Neighborhoods: The first in a series of discussions over the next several months spotlighting our Central Ohio neighborhoods. CMC will explore the rapidly changing business and residential development landscape, demographic make up, and unique challenges and opportunities taking place in Central Ohio’s cities.

As Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour prepares for a new season in June, we continue to listen back to past performances with The Man Who Knew Everything, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally aired in 1949.

How can we change the way conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion are progressing towards productive, inquiring, learning experiences -- and ultimately creating a more just and equitable workplace and society?  How can we understand the effects outside-of-work events have on people of color within work?  Laura Morgan Roberts and Courtney McCluney join the show to share insights from their work, and to encourage leaders to examine and understand racial barriers…and how those barriers can be removed.


CMC’s annual look at our community’s nonprofits focuses on the social service agencies and their challenges and successes navigating the year of COVID. Featuring Denise Robinson, President and CEO, Alvis Inc., Colin Page McGinnis, CEO, South Side Early Learning,  Isi Ikharebha Green, President, Physicians CareConnection, with host, Michael Corey, Executive Director, Human Service Chamber.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

As Cleveland gets ready to host NFL Draft next week, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum introduces an exhibit honoring the history of the Super Bowl Halftime Show and its legendary performers. The Biggest Show on Turf: 55 Years of Halftime Shows opens April 24.

Even before Covid-19, employees were reporting record rates of burnout and stress; Gallup studies showed only 15% of people fully engaged at work. Now with workers stuck behind screens, grasping for focus and suffering from the real mental challenges of prolonged social isolation and anxiety over the health of loved ones, organizations are in need of well-being development for their employees. It is essential for today’s workplaces to provide well-being support for employees, just as much as traditional professional development. Supporting the long-term mental health of your team can mean the difference between an engaged, collaborative and productive organization…or one riddled with toxicity and turnover. With 71% of U.S. office workers either curious about or already practicing meditation, now is the time to signal your long-term support for staff’s mental wellness, and bring in the neuroscientifically proven benefits of contemplative practices, such as meditation. Peter Weng and Rich Fernandez join Maureen to discuss mindfulness and employee well-being.

Peter Weng is the founder of the EWS Collective. Peter is focused on supporting individuals and organizations to optimize the balance of well-being and performance. As a corporate executive (Google, Dell) and well-being/mindfulness non-profit leader (HMI, SIYLI) he has implemented systems of well-being and performance in companies, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations around the world.


Join us to hear David DeVillers share insights on his work with police reform, white supremacy and gangs in a one on one interview with Colleen Marshall.

Gender inequality around the world has many facets: archaic laws that codify sexism, male control of joint income and household assets, exclusion from governance, trafficking and violence against women, denial of education and adequate health care, and gender segregation in the work force, to name a few. The Gender Equality and Governance Index (GEGI) taps into some of the world’s best datasets to analyze gender discrimination on a global scale, using five critical “pillars”: governance, education, work, entrepreneurship, and violence. The Index covers 158 countries and provides a compelling perspective on the status of gender inequality across the planet. It allows policymakers, the business community and civil society to pinpoint specific areas for improvement and to learn from best international practices. Amanda Ellis and Augusto Lopez-Claros join Maureen to discuss the index results for 2020 and how we as leaders can implement changes for the good of all.

Continuing with my How’s It Going? series on local small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, I spoke with Lauren Powers from The Buckeye Dog Grooming in Clintonville. Listen in to hear about the changes necessary to keep pets and their owners safe, as well as what the best way to keep your dog looking good between groomings (hint: it’s something you should be doing anyway).


The first in a series of discussions over the next several months, CMC will examine trends that were affected by the pandemic and others that were well underway. We’ll look at trends in development, business, technology, healthcare, transportation, energy, arts, and other areas that shape our lives and lifestyles.

As a society, we face a dramatic loss of trust in each other and in our institutions. This reduction in trust impacts everything from people's inability to come together to solve problems to an escalation in mental illness and suicide. Mary Jo Burchard shares her experiences with struggle and how it impacts your ability to build trust.

Shhh! Productions Vintage Radio Hour performs The Evening and The Morning, written by Wyllis Cooper and originally airing in 1948. The performance features Wolf Sherrill, Phil Wells, and Kim Garrison Hopcraft in a haunting story about unrequited love and murder. In a nod to the golden days of radio, we have collaborated to bring you tales of suspense, mystery, fear, and perhaps a little murder!


The impacts of a year of COVID on children of all ages has yet to be fully understood. Some children transitioned to on line learning and little social interaction with few issues, and others faced huge challenges. What do we know about where our children stand today after so many social norms and safety nets disappeared? Join our panel to find out.

Susan J. Barron

A powerful portrait series featuring Veterans and their struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder opens this weekend at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus.  

Author Rachel Lynn Solomon has written four young adult books. Her debut adult novel, The Ex Talk, is a Library Reads January 2021 pick. Solomon worked in public radio in college and in her 20s. She shares with Doug how she drew on this experience for the book.

Mark Shapiro, President and CEO of the Toronto Blue Jays, joins the show to share his approach to effective leadership and discuss how this approach positioned the Toronto Blue Jays to navigate the challenges they faced -- and the solutions they implemented so that the game could go on amidst the COVID pandemic.  He reveals the leadership insights learned in these unusual times. Through this conversation, Mark’s comments and perspective illustrate the best of effective leadership.


Our panel will discuss how to tackle the multiple challenges identified in the the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s new Regional Housing Strategy report, and who is playing a part in working to solve this complicated issue in our community.

Universities and medical schools do a wonderful job preparing their students for medical procedures, but the crucial element to great healthcare that is missed is leadership training.  Neil Grunberg joins the show to share his experiences and how the leadership framework he developed with Maureen can be used to build the leadership skills needed by medical staff to make our healthcare system stronger.

Millions of women were already supporting themselves and their families on meager wages before coronavirus-mitigation lockdowns sent unemployment rates skyrocketing and millions of jobs disappeared. Working mothers were already shouldering the majority of family caregiving responsibilities in the face of a childcare system that is wholly inadequate for a society in which most parents work outside the home. Of course, the disruptions to daycare centers, schools, and afterschool programs have been hard on working fathers, but evidence shows working mothers have taken on more of the resulting childcare responsibilities and are more frequently reducing their hours or leaving their jobs entirely in response. Our panel will discuss how this situation is playing out in our community and what is being done to support the women who are faced with these challenges.

Every entrepreneur dreams of expanding their business from around the corner to around the world. While today those dreams look doubtful, hope can be found from the story of a CEO who managed to do so despite decades of economic downturns, near bankruptcy, and constant change. Robert Rosenberg joins the show today to share insights and lessons learned from his experience taking Dunkin’ Donuts from 100 shops to 6,500 outlets.  These lessons are also captured in his new book, Around the Corner to Around the World: A Dozen Lessons I Learned Running Dunkin Donuts.

In the second part of the digital divide conversation, our panel discusses the impact on urban areas, Governor Dewine’s BroadbandOhio office, and what others are doing to overcome the hurdles and link those most in need to reliable internet service.

Update: Both Deshawn Goncalves and Tryzdin Grubbs received "Yes" votes from the judges. Here are links to their full auditions courtesy of American Idol.

Research has shown that diversity at every level of leadership leads to a more successful organization. Helle Bank Jørgensen joins Maureen to discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level of leadership, including the board room.

News regarding vaccines seems to change everyday: new vaccines coming online from more sources, new age groups and professions approved for appointments, new reports about our neighbors who are wary of getting a shot, and updates about variants of the virus. Our panel will discuss these topics surrounding the conversation about COVID vaccines.

Vintage Radio Hour performs Love Spelled Backwards, written by Marian Turk and originally airing in 1980. This show features Chiquita Mullins Lee, Tony Roseboro, Ben Gorman, Mark Beauchamp, Nick Martin, Vinnie Mason, Chip Barr, Benjamin Mowrer, and Carter Crosby in a love story gone wrong...dramatically, disturbingly wrong.

What is the purpose of business in the 21st century? And what are the values and skills needed by business leaders in this new era of stakeholder value?  Keith Tuffley joins Maureen to discuss these emerging topics and share his experience.

Steve Berry is a former attorney, an internationally renowned thriller writer, and founder of History Matters. He has over 20 million books in print in over 50 countries and 40 different languages. As part of his tour for his latest, The Kaiser’s Web, he will appear virtually with the Thurber House on February 26.