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Adam Hendershott

Arden Kaywin is a  singer, voice teacher, and vocal producer based in Los Angeles. She incorporates mindful awareness into her holistic approach to helping singers get out of their heads and realize their full potential for artistic expression. 

Arden and Daron discuss the kinds of obstacles professional singers run into and how navigating them invariably supports showing up for more fully in their personal lives.  

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Social distancing and the stay-at-home order have caused a lot of people to change their plans. But some tenacious Ohioans aren’t letting the pandemic get in their way. And they are getting creative about finding alternatives.  

Karen Kasler

This month is a special one for people of many faiths, and not being able to gather has been a concern for those who find fellowship to be comforting, and even necessary in tough times. So faith leaders are finding unique ways to reach out to their congregations.


The Columbus Board of Health today declared a local public health emergency giving the city extra safety measures to respond to COVID-19 cases. The declaration allows for the quarantine and isolation of individuals with the virus and as a last resort law enforcement involvement for any instances of non-compliance. 

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Cardiologists in Columbus are the first in the nation to test new technology for patients suffering from atrial fibrillation. Doctors say it's a safer and more effective alternative. 

Goodbye to Mr. Creosote. Goodbye to the naked organist. Goodbye to Brian's mum, and to all her screeching sisters. Goodbye to Terry Jones, who has consumed his final wafer-thin mint.

Carly Coleman

Carl Coleman has worked in law enforcement and protection for 30 years. He has provided security for professional sports teams, politicians, and public figures such as Les Wexner, James Caan, and Shaquille O’Neal. He is a lifelong learner who leverages his time to assess his life, come up with ideas, and develop projects. He started to learn how to play the piano as an adult and has been taking lessons for eleven years.

Ohio Shorts 2020 Call for Entries

Jan 11, 2020

The Wexner Center for the Arts is making a call for submissions for it's Ohio Shorts 2020 film event.

Submit your work to our 24th annual competition showcasing Ohio-produced short films—from documentary, animation, or dramatic narrative, to anything in-between! Entires will be accepted electronically through March 2nd, and prizes will be awarded at a screening and reception on April 18th.

Jennifer Soriano


Cheryl Leutjen cares deeply about the future of our planet. But like the rest of us, she often feels overwhelmed by the scope of our environmental challenges and a sense of powerless in the face of so much uncertainty. In her book, Love Earth Now: The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day, she uses humor and candor to inspire others to steer toward personal engagement and sustainable hope.     

In 1994, actor Charlize Theron was just starting out in show business when a famous director invited her to an audition at his home. When she showed up, she found the director drinking and in his pajamas. He touched her leg; she apologized and left in a hurry.

Driving away, Theron became angry — with herself: "I just kept hitting the steering wheel," she says. "I put a lot of blame on myself ... that I didn't say all the right things, and that I didn't tell him to take a hike, and that I didn't do all of those things that we so want to believe we'll do in those situations."

Kelly Ort

Kim Manley Ort shares her approach to contemplative photography including exercises you can try using your camera or smartphone. We also discuss the challenges of sharing photos on social media and why they’re worth navigating. 

Excerpt from her book Adventures in Seeing: How the Camera Teaches You to Pause, Focus, and Connect with Life:


An exhibit at the James Art Gallery inside Ohio State University's Comprehensive Cancer Center reveals the power art can have in someone's darkest days. Mike Foley explains. 

Chris Shiflett

As a longtime member of the band Foo Fighters, guitarist Chris Shiflett has seen his share of large venues. But the 48-year-old also enjoys the intimacy of a small bar. That's part of the reason Shiflett writes, records, and performs his own music. Hard Lessons, his second solo release, came out this summer. 

Actor Peter Fonda, best-known for his iconic role as a free-spirited motorcycle rider in the 1969 counterculture classic Easy Rider, died Friday at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 79. The cause of his death was respiratory failure due to lung cancer, according to a family statement released to People magazine.

The WonderBus Music Festival takes place in Columbus this weekend featuring more than 20 musicians and bands including Ben Harper, Trombone Shorty and Walk The Moon.


The 16th annual African-American Male Wellness Walk takes place Saturday morning in Columbus, beginning at 7 at Livingston Park. 

Please Touch the Art:Episode 9 Frida Kahlo's The Broken Column

Aug 7, 2019

Kieve and Camille, a veterinarian and cancer researcher, discuss Kahlo’s Broken Column. The pair blaze through topics like chronic pain, colonialism, race, Catholic symbolism, and Lacanian Psychology, and Feminism. Once again this is a packed episode! I hope you’re excited! 

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Fed up with Hunger by Saintsenenca:

A few of us had the opportunity to visit with a lovely woman who may be WCBE's longest-living listener. Anne Smith has lived in Columbus since 1957, a year after 90.5 began broadcasting. Anne loves to listen to 90.5 with her son Roger and especially enjoys the music. 

During the WCBE spring fund drive the staff was so inspired by your responses that we promised to each do five random acts of kindness in your honor. Coming up with ideas wasn’t hard, and putting them into action was even easier. In fact, I realized there were different categories of RAK. Some of the things I did in your name were not-so-random; every week when I do my grocery shopping now, I spend $5-10 on food for the free Little Pantry in my neighborhood, to provide a snack or an extra meal for someone who needs it. 

Kieve and Margaret, mom and indie, middle grade and romance author, discuss Kruger’s We Are Not What We Seem. They talk about second wave feminism’s connections to modernism and Lacanian Psychology, collage, and language. Kieve discusses parallels between the SUPREME brand and Kruger’s aesthetic. Buckle up, for an informative, jam packed episode!

Kieve Rodeheaver interviews Destiny Ryan live on location about the painting Metamorphosis and the sculpture Walking Nightmare. Starting with Walking Nightmare the pair discuss grief, mental illness, dark humor, memory, and color. Audience members are pulled to talk about the artwork live. Metamorphosis and more of Destiny’s work can be seen in Columbus College of Art and Design’s Acock Gallery this summer.

Sarah Jessica Parker has spent much of her acting career exploring what it means to be in a relationship — and to be single. In the HBO series Sex and the City, which ran from 1998 until 2004, she played Carrie Bradshaw, a single writer chronicling her experiences with the Manhattan dating scene. Now, in the HBO comedy series, Divorce, she stars as Frances, a mother of two navigating the dissolution of her marriage.

Lee Iacocca, one of the best known auto executives, died Tuesday. He was 94.

Iacocca was a top executive at two of America's largest car companies — Ford and Chrysler. His career spanned decades and several generations. He was known for developing the Mustang and bringing the minivan to scores of American family garages, as well as orchestrating a remarkable turnaround at Chrysler.

His daughter Lia Iacocca Assad confirmed his death to NPR in a phone call.

Mackenzie Nur Canan

Kieve Rodeheaver interviews Mackenzie about her mural at the Miles House and her pastel work. The pair discuss suicide awareness, hope, and strenght. Mackenzie welcomes us into a dark time in her life and encourages us to continue on. She talks about exploring Arabic writing and mixed media. This year she is planning on expanding the mural. 

Show Notes:
 Suicide Hotline: ‭1 (800) 273-8255‬

During our on air Spring 2019 Fund Drive, WCBE staff members dedicated themselves to perform five random acts of kindness individually once we received over 1,000 donations from our kind listeners.

Kieve and Wes, local actor and stage magician, discuss Rodin’s Gates of Hell. They talk about Dante’s Inferno, relief sculpture and decorative art. The two creatives discuss the process of making art and joke about pirates. Are you ready to check The Gates of Hell off your bucket list?

 Throughout the day folks dropped by to listen in and take part in the productions. We began the day with Johnny DiLoretto & John DeSando cutting new episodes of Cinema Classics. Then, Dan Skinner, host of our exciting new health care podcast, Prognosis Ohio, dropped by to do an interview, and finally, we ended the day with Kieve Rodeheaver recording yet another new podcast, Please Touch The Art.

Look for all these new shows coming soon to our website. Plus, take a look at all the photos we took right here on our Facebook page.

On April 30 we polished our voices and gathered our guitars, harmonicas, mandolin and dulcimer to perform for some elderly residents of Heritage Village at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Columbus.

   Marlane Bendum-Foor, John Marocchi and I presented acoustic interpretations of classics by John Prine, George Harrison, Johnny Cash and Neil Young, in addition to selections from the Americana songbook such as “Wildwood Flower,” “Bottle of Wine,” “Liza Jane” and “Old Joe Clark.”    We must've struck the right chord(s) as we were invited back for future performances!

WCBE @ the Columbus Arts Festival 2019

Jun 7, 2019

Today on Friday, June 7th, WCBE will down at the Columbus Arts Festival on W. Rich St @ Belle St. along the Scioto Mile. Come over to our booth and say hello to staff and some of our independent show hosts!

Kieve and Ramona, Lead Trainer at Equitas Health Institute and Political Science Professor at The Ohio State University talk about Albert Cuyp’s Horsemen Resting in a Landscape. The painting is apart of the special exhibit Life in the Age of Rembrandt in the Columbus Museum of Art, on view until June 16, 2019. The pair talk about the Baroque Era and Dutch politics.  They joke their way through analyzing the horses, dogs, and cattle. Come along with them! 

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