Bexley City Council

Cleveland City Council last night voted to delay for six months the adoption of Cuyahoga County’s ban on plastic bags. 

Two governmental bodies on Tuesday approved legislation banning the use of plastic bags.

 Bexley City Council has voted to officially reprimand member Tim Madison, calling his conduct toward two constituents "unacceptable."

Bexley City Council member Tim Madison is facing disciplinary action after he engaged in what the council president says was unacceptable and menacing behavior toward a resident. 

Bexley City Council last night voted to lift the four-year-old municipal ban on pit bulls.

Bexley City Council opened debate last night on a proposed ordinance that would ban drivers from holding cell phones to talk while on the road.

Dozens of people are expected to rally at Bexley City Hall tonight to support the creation and passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance.

Bexley City Council has approved the installation of lights and a new sound system at Capital University's sports stadium.