Bob Cupp

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today is expected to hold his first press conference since the presidential debate in Cleveland Tuesday.

Republican state lawmakers have chosen former Ohio Supreme Court Justice and current State Representative Bob Cupp as Ohio House speaker, replacing Larry Householder, who was ousted because of his indictment in an alleged 61 million dollar bribery scheme.

The family behind the maker of one of the main drugs blamed for the nation’s opioid crisis has reportedly offered 12 billion dollars to settle a federal case in Cleveland. 

Ohio Public Radio

Republican Ohio House speaker Larry Householder says a bi-partisan school funding proposal introduced a few weeks ago won’t be part of the chamber's version of the state budget proposal, which will come out on Wednesday.

Ohio Public Radio

The bi-partisan school funding plan proposed by two state lawmakers would cost one billion dollars more than the current formula. 

New SUPCO Justice Sworn In

Dec 28, 2012

William O'Neill was sworn in yesterday, becoming the latest Democrat to serve on the Republican dominated Ohio Supreme Court.