Buckeye Institute

A conservative think tank has filed a lawsuit against the City of Columbus and the state of Ohio, claiming that its employees who live outside of Columbus shouldn’t have paid city income taxes while working during the state’s stay at home order.

Ohio Public Radio

The state's unemployment compensation fund  is now broke – which was predicted even before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Buckeye Institute

A conservative think tank has issued t a list of ways it thinks Governor Mike DeWine is wasting 2.5 billion dollars in his state budget proposal.

A new report on changes to Ohio sentencing laws says reform efforts may have saved 500 million dollars over several years but more is needed to reduce the state's prison population.

A conservative think tank says if the state increases the gasoline tax, state leaders should offset it by cutting other taxes.

A panel of six lawmakers charged with looking at some of the 9 billion dollars in state tax breaks has recommended none be eliminated or reduced for now. 

Ohio has been gaining jobs over the last few years, and its unemployment rate hit its lowest level in 17 years a few months ago.

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A dozen employees of Akron-based FirstEnergy came to Columbus Monday to lobby lawmakers and the governor to save two nuclear power plants the firm plans to close.

Ohio Public Radio

State lawmakers are again considering changing regulations on cosmetologists, after eliminating a manager's license last year.


An annual review of working conditions in Ohio by the progressive-leaning think tank Policy Matters Ohio shows signs of improvement in some areas, but problems remain.

Ohio Public Radio

A conservative think tank is praising what looks to finally be the beginning of a committee that’s supposed to look into so-called tax loopholes.

Ohio Public Radio

As the state’s budgetary shortfall approaches one billion dollars, a small business tax cut adopted four years ago is getting renewed attention.

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House's state budget proposal includes a new work requirement for the 700 thousand people enrolled in Medicaid.


Ohio’s unemployment rate is below the national average, and the state is on a job-gaining trend.

A conservative-leaning think tank has issued a list of what it calls "ridiculous" requests from local communities in the state's capital improvements budget proposal.

Two bills have been introduced in the state legislature that would significantly increase the value of the Ohio Film Tax Credit.

Policy groups on the right and left say Ohio lawmakers are undermining attempts to reduce the state's prison population by continuing to introduce tough-on-crime bills that put more people behind bars.

A conservative think tank says there is wasteful spending in this and every two-year state budget plan.

Bill To Overhaul Municipal Income Tax System Moving

Nov 24, 2014

State lawmakers are likely to vote in the next few weeks on a controversial bill to overhaul the municipal income tax system used by hundreds of Ohio cities.

Number Of Ohioans In Labor Force Hits 36 Year Low

Sep 2, 2014

The number of Ohioans in the labor force this year is at its lowest level since October 1978. Two economic experts see that number –and others – in different ways.

When Medicaid expansion was discussed in recent months, advocates said it would allow coverage for 275 thousand low-income Ohioans.

A report out this morning from a conservative think tank says welfare benefits are so generous that they’re keeping recipients from seeking out work.