Buckeye Lake

State officials say work on a new Buckeye Lake dam should be completed by November and water levels should return to normal by next spring. 

The Buckeye Lake Village Council has voted to fire Police Chief James Hanzey, citing insubordination and failure to properly fulfill his duties.  

The Village of Buckeye Lake has canceled its Independence Day holiday fireworks show for the third straight year. 

The Village of Buckeye Lake has placed the police chief on desk duty after an internal investigation found 22 violations, including falsifying time cards and stealing money.

The state has given some Buckeye Lake residents a one-year deadline to dismantle parts of their homes. 

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A study by Ohio State University researchers shows algae blooms lower the values of homes on waterways surrounding them.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has posted warning signs at two Buckeye Lake beaches because of high toxic algae levels.

Buckeye Lake businesses that have seen economic struggles during the replacement of a deteriorating dam are hoping for more development after the project is completed next year.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says the Buckeye Lake dam replacement project will be completed in the fall of 2018, one year ahead of schedule.

The state Controlling Board has approved spending 1.3 million dollars to fund the next phase of construction of a new Buckeye Lake dam.

The state's Controlling Board has approved a 5.6 million request by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to fund the next phase of work to replace the deteriorated Buckeye Lake dam.

Experts working for the state have concluded planks and pieces of wood pulled from the muck of Buckeye Lake are wreckage of a canal boat that sunk in 1850.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has posted warning signs at Buckeye Lake boat ramps after tests conducted last week show high levels of algae toxins in the water.

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State officials will let the water level rise by two feet in Buckeye Lake after keeping it low for over a year as a precaution because of it's deteriorating earthen dam.

The state has started taking applications for grants and loans to help businesses near Buckeye Lake that have lost revenue while the water is kept low and a deteriorated dam is replaced.

Wooden pieces believed to be part of a canal boat that sank in 1850 have been uncovered from the bottom of Buckeye Lake as crews work to replace its deteriorating dam. 

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Fairfield County Sheriff’s deputies have identified the man killed in a house fire in Buckeye Lake on Saturday.

Officials in Millersport and Buckeye Lake are promising cleaner water in the near future.

Workers have begun constructing a stability barrier in front of the deteriorating Buckeye Lake dam as part of a project to replace the structure.

The Ohio Department of Transportation is installing signs along Interstate 70 and at other locations advertising some of the businesses still open while the deteriorating Buckeye Lake dam and low lake water levels keep tourists away.

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The state has asked hundreds of homeowners on the deteriorated dam at Buckeye Lake to remove their docks and other structures, such as decks, in preparation for construction of a replacement barrier. 

The U.S. Small Business Administration is making low-interest loans available to business owners who lost revenue because of low Buckeye Lake water levels. 

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The State Controlling Board has approved spending nearly 8.4 million dollars for design work for replacing the deteriorating dam at Buckeye Lake.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich told reporters Thursday the proposed design for a barrier in front of the deteriorating Buckeye Lake dam could save money and accelerate the project.

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State officials say boat ramps on Buckeye Lake will be closed today, citing the low water levels needed to protect the lake's dam from collapsing.

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Summertime travel is starting up. But trouble at Buckeye Lake may be keeping tourists away. 

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The central Ohio lake where a faulty dam and lowered water levels are already biting into the summer economy now has another problem: algae blooms. 

The deteriorating dam at Buckeye Lake and related safety concerns will be the focus of an annual gathering arranged by the local chamber of commerce today.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officials say inspections of the failing Buckeye Lake dam will begin now to determine how many docks need to be removed.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has set new construction and dock usage policies at Buckeye Lake.