Calamity Days

 Columbus City Schools were closed Wednesday because of continued high heat and humidity. 

Columbus City Schools officials say students will have to do work at home to make up for classes canceled during the winter.

Thousands of families had to find different ways to feed their kids after multiple calamity days at schools cut them off from access to free or reduced-priced meals.

Legislature Approves Calamity Days Bill

Mar 13, 2014

The Ohio Legislature has approved a compromise bill giving Ohio school districts four extra calamity days this year.

State lawmakers have struck a compromise on what to do about missed school days around Ohio brought on by the season's extreme winter weather. 

Lawmakers Fail To Agree On Calamity Days Bill

Feb 27, 2014

The Ohio House has rejected Senate changes to a bill giving school districts extra calamity days this year.

Ohio House Approves Bill Expanding Calamity Days

Feb 19, 2014

The Ohio House has approved a plan to let schools take up to four additional calamity days this year because of the poor winter weather.

Ohio House Postpones Vote On Additional Calamity Days

Feb 12, 2014

The Ohio House has held off taking a formal vote on a plan to let schools take up to four additional days off this year because of the season's extreme weather.

There is another serious problem caused by the snow that may go overlooked.

Ohio's state superintendent is giving schools an extra week to administer required state achievement tests to third- through eighth-graders due to the effects of severe winter weather that has delayed and canceled classes. 

An Ohio proposal would let high school seniors be excused from certain school days their district must make up because of weather-related closures. 

Run Of Calamity Days May Leave Students Unprepared For Standardized Tests

Feb 4, 2014

Many  Ohio’s schools have been forced to close during the bad winter weather. Some districts have exhausted their calamity days.

Governor Kasich is calling on Ohio lawmakers to give the state’s schools extra snow days this year.

Online Instruction Gives Schools Flexibility During Calamities

Jan 22, 2014

Many school districts are close to using all of the calamity days they’ve set aside for the school year.

Most school districts in central Ohio today are holding regular sessions while some opted for a two-hour delay.