Charter Schools

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An educational service center is repaying the state money it received while sponsoring the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. 

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Ohio’s charter schools are by law non-profit, but nearly 200 of them are managed by for-profit operating companies.

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A local judge has blocked local school districts from intervening in the civil lawsuit against the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.  

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The bi-partisan school funding plan proposed by two state lawmakers would cost one billion dollars more than the current formula. 

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Governors and state lawmakers have struggled for decades with school funding.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Republican lawmakers have announced a proposed tax credit that would go toward donations to private school scholarships and other school choice initiatives.

"A great education shouldn't be determined by luck or by address or by family income," DeVos said Thursday at a news conference.

She appeared alongside Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Ala., who said they plan to introduce the tax credit in Congress.

 Charter school advocates are calling on state lawmakers to increase their funding for facilities. 

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A new study by advocates for school choice shows charter schools in urban areas are underfunded.

A teacher at Imagine Columbus Primary Academy is facing a child endangering charge for allegedly breaking a student's hand by forcefully slamming the child into a chair while the hand was underneath him. 

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Three years after Ohio's former charter schools chief omitted data of poor-performing schools in evaluations of their sponsors, a state audit says it remains unclear what his intent was and how much the then-superintendent knew about the plan. 

An analysis of state school report cards conducted by a pro-charter school group shows Ohio has yet to reach its goal of having 65 percent of working-age adults hold college degrees or industry certificates by 2025. 

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Funeral arrangements are pending for former Ohio State University Trustee David Brennan.  

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rich Cordray says Ohio's public school system is in decline compared with others nationwide. 

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Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike DeWine has unveiled his new education plan, which includes cutting the amount of state standardized testing.  

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Ohio Attorney General and GOP gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine is suing the founder and leaders of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, aiming to recoup millions of dollars in public funding that flowed to the now-defunct online school.

The Ohio Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal by the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow arguing the Ohio Board of Education violated open meetings laws when deciding to order the school repay 60 million dollars in state funding in a dispute over how student participation was tallied. 

An attorney for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow says the school will continue to pursue administrative appeals against the state in lower courts. 

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The company founded by former Ohio State University trustee David Brennan is getting out of the charter school business. 

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The Ohio Attorney General has filed an argument in court claiming the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow’s agreements with its management and software service companies constitute a pattern of corrupt activity.

Republican Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien has recused himself from an investigation into potential criminal conduct by officials at the Electronic Classroom of tomorrow. 

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The state auditor says the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow committed fraud by inflating student participation numbers in order to continue collecting millions in taxpayer money.

The Columbus City Attorney's office has filed a motion seeking to halt the state's planned auction of computers owned by the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, saying they may contain evidence of attendance-data manipulation. 

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Two government watchdog groups are seeking information from the sponsor of an online charter school operator about any taxpayer money it spent to keep employees from speaking.  

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The state's largest online charter school operator is accused of deliberately manipulating student attendance data to defraud the state out of millions of dollars. 

The state's largest online charter school operator is asking the Ohio Supreme Court to overturn a Franklin County Court of Appeals ruling that the Ohio Board of Education legally ordered it to repay 60 million dollars in state aid. 

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Attorneys for the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow and the Ohio Department of Education traded jabs before the Ohio Supreme Court yesterday over how the state should fund schools and if that funding should be tied to just enrollment or student participation.

The Ohio Board of Education has voted to recoup more than 19 million dollars in overpayments to the state’s largest online charter school operator, which closed last month. 

The state's largest online charter school operator is expected to close today,  halfway through the academic year. 

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A new study shows graduation rates in Ohio's public schools are higher than those in charter schools.

The Ohio Supreme Court has denied a request to temporarily halt the state's efforts to recoup 60 million dollars from the state's largest online charter school operator.