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A new study out of Columbus finds that common hygiene products send a young child to the emergency room every two hours. 

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Columbus City Schools are working with Children's Hospital to provide mental health counselors on school campuses for students who have permission from their parents.

A new study out of Columbus show a dramatic increase in calls to U.S. poison control centers regarding a popular herbal supplement. 

The Columbus and Dayton children’s hospitals are continuing their long-standing partnership.

Children's Hospital in Columbus has launched a campaign to raise awareness of youth mental illness.

A spokesperson for Children's Hospital in Columbus says President Trump and first lady Melania Trump will visit the facility on Friday. 

Michael Doody remembers some things about his Columbus, Ohio neighborhood in the 1990s:

"Gunshots, helicopters, thefts, smashed out windows, burglaries, robberies, assaults and murders."

In addition to the crime, roughly 50 percent of the children were living in poverty in this area, known as Southern Orchards.

During the mid-20th century, construction of an interstate through the middle of the community separated many of the neighborhood's majority black residents from job opportunities in downtown Columbus.

The City of Columbus is accepting public comment through June 29 on its proposal to limit public parking on some streets in the Schumacher Place and Southern Orchards neighborhoods near  Children's Hospital.

Researchers at Children's Hospital in Columbus are calling for the elimination of accessible cords on window blinds because of an unacceptable rate of child injuries and deaths.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

Columbus Police have arrested a man who allegedly posed with a gun at Children’s Hospital and shared video of it online.

Franklin County Commissioners have approved spending 450 thousand dollars on mental health and suicide prevention services in public schools.

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While the common cotton tip applicator may be used for household cleaning, crafts and applying cosmetics, researchers in Columbus say they're also causing injuries to children.

A new study out of Columbus shows an increase in the number of injuries associated with infant and toddler products.

Local health officials report an increase in the number of young people being shot and wounded this year.

The Centers for Disease Control says suicide was the 10th leading cause of death for children ages 5 to 11 in 2014.

A new study by researchers at Children's Hospital in Columbus shows a significant increase in the number and rate of soccer-related injuries.

A new study by researchers at Children's Hospital in Columbus shows thousands of children are taken to emergency rooms with stroller-related injuries each year.

A new smart phone app developed at Children's Hospital in Columbus could help kids with asthma better manage their condition. 

Laundry Detergent Pods Poisoning More Children

Apr 25, 2016

Researchers at a local hospital say the number of American kids being poisoned by laundry detergent packets has increased over the last two years. Jim Letizia reports.

Columbus City Council last night approved a ten-year, 15 million dollar tax break for Children’s Hospital to add 2 thousand jobs as part of its 189 million dollar expansion.

Columbus City Schools are transforming the traditional school nurses office in 17 schools this fall.

Children's Hospital in Columbus is preparing a defense against a federal civil rights lawsuit. 


Children's hospital in Columbus has announced a 130 million expansion plan.

Child Water Safety Tips

Jun 17, 2014
M. Kuhlman

Swimming season is in full swing in Ohio, and experts say it’s important children be taught basic water safety.

Children's Hospital in Columbus is expanding to make room for more patients.

Study On Childhood Choking Incidents

Jul 30, 2013

A new study by researchers at Children's Hospital in Columbus shows more than 30 kids in the U.S. are treated each day in emergency departments for food-related choking.

OSU Doc Resigns Amid Child Pornography Charge

Jul 25, 2013

Federal prosecutors have charged the director of a pediatric cancer radiation unit at Ohio State University with downloading sexually explicit child pornography videos and photos.