A federal jury has awarded 3.35 million dollars to a former Circleville firefighter in her sexual harassment lawsuit.

Pickaway County Sheriff's deputies have identified the woman who was found fatally shot on Friday night.

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The City of Circleville, where trains sometimes block responders during emergencies, will reopen an old fire station on the other side of the tracks by the end of the year.

Pickaway County Sheriff's Office

Pickaway County Sheriff's deputies say a man called a military veterans' crisis line in the middle of the night Monday, then confronted responding deputies with a rifle and was fatally shot.

A female firefighter is suing the Circleville Fire Department, claiming she is a longtime victim of sexual harassment, and has been subjected to equipment tampering, clothing destruction and gender-related slurs.

Italian tissue maker Sofidel Group plans to build a new plant in Pickaway Township near Circleville.