College Affordability


Amid a projected 300 million dollar revenue loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio State University plans to raise tuition for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Four Ohio State University assistant football coaches will make more than 1 million dollars this year, the first time any football program will pay seven-figure salaries to that many assistants. 

Public servants with student loans were furious, and the U.S. Department of Education heard them. The department revealed Thursday that it will simplify the process for borrowers to apply for an expansion of the troubled Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program.

For many college students settling into their dorms this month, the path to campus — and paying for college — started long ago. And it likely involved their families.

The pressure to send kids to college, coupled with the realities of tuition, has fundamentally changed the experience of being middle class in America, says Caitlin Zaloom, an anthropologist and associate professor at New York University. It's changed the way that middle class parents raise their children, she adds, and shaped family dynamics along the way.

Lots of people have student loans: more than 45 million people. They collectively owe about $1.6 trillion.

That is, of course, a lot of debt — but amid all the national debate right now about what to do about it, it's important to remember that not all debt is created equal, and some borrowers are struggling more than others.

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation creating a program to help young people save for college. 

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A critical new report from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Inspector General finds the department's student loan unit failed to adequately supervise the companies it pays to manage the nation's trillion-dollar portfolio of federal student loans. The report also rebukes the department's office of Federal Student Aid for rarely penalizing companies that failed to follow the rules.

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Democratic U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio has a double-digit lead in most polls going into Election Day.

A legislative committee that studied how to improve college affordability recommends the adoption of tuition-rate guarantees for undergraduates, and ending the state's tuition freeze. 

Capital University plans to offer a 50 percent tuition break for undergraduates whose families work in "mission-centered" nonprofit and public-service jobs. 


Ohio State University trustees are scheduled to vote Friday on a plan to eliminate 278-course fees; provide discounts on digital textbooks; waive costs for additional credit hours; and extend in-state tuition to more military families. 

Ohio State University says it will completely cover tuition and fees for low- and moderate-income students at its Columbus campus starting next fall.


Ohio State University Trustees have voted to raise tuition, housing and dining by more than five-percent for incoming freshmen next fall.

A new report show Ohio's 14 public universities have identified a combined 1.2 billion dollars in savings and new resources over the next five years but more work is needed to rein in college costs.

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A new study ranks Ohio in the bottom five of all 50 states in college affordability.

Ohio State University's Board of Trustees has approved the school's comprehensive freeze on tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate students.

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Minority Democrats in the Ohio Legisature have laid out their agenda on economic and educational issues they say majority Republicans are ignoring.