Columbus City Council

Columbus City Council tonight is expected to pass three ordinances to provide options and protections for tenants seeking affordable housing. The Housing for All legislation mandates that owners provide tenants with rental receipts, provides more flexibility for renters regarding security deposits, and protects potential residents from being turned away based on their source of income. 

Columbus Division of Police

A new law requiring Columbus police officers to render first aid and activate their body cameras sooner was approved by City Council last night.

The City of Columbus is now requiring restaurants to make healthy drinks such as water, low-fat milk and 100 percent fruit juice the default options offered with child meals.

Columbus City Council last night approved a measure capping fees charged by third-party restaurant delivery companies.

One week after cutting 41.5 million dollars from the city budget due to income tax revenue declines, Columbus City Council last night approved a pair of property tax breaks for two profitable companies. 


Columbus City Council last night approved legislation requiring bars and restaurants to close at 10 pm starting tonight due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Columbus City Council tonight is expected to hold votes on police reform legislation.  

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther said Friday he is asking Columbus City Council to approve an ordinance on Monday limiting hours of operation for bars, nightclubs and restaurants as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

An audit shows since 2010, Columbus taxpayers have shelled out more than 5 million dollars to settle lawsuits against police.

Columbus City Council held a hearing last night on demilitarizing police.

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther says he is disappointed with the Columbus Fraternal Order of Police's lack of commitment to reform.

A Columbus man has filed a lawsuit to block the City of Columbus from removing the Christopher Columbus statue from the city hall grounds unless city council takes legislative action.

Columbus City Council last night approved creating a Community Reinvestment Area for the Quarry development near Trabue and Dublin Roads on the west side. 

Columbus City Council last night approved a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in the city.

A Cincinnati police officer escaped injury when his helmet was struck by a bullet during a police brutality protest early Sunday while in Columbus a fire considered suspicious destroyed a nearly completed apartment building. 

Columbus City Council last night formally accepted 157 million dollars in federal CARES Act funding to help with economic and human service needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Columbus officials say the city has received 157 million dollar in federal funding through the CARES Act to help residents recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to reduce the city's carbon footprint, Columbus City Council this week approved an ordinance requiring large commercial, public and industrial building owners to report their energy use annually.

Columbus City Council last night voted to allocate 1 million dollars from the city's general fund for emergency human services.

Columbus City Council last night approved a 15-year, 100 percent property tax abatement for a for-profit pharmaceutical company created by Children’s Hospital. 


Otterbein has been selected among a small group of universities to be a central point in starting conversations about racial healing and social justice.

Columbus City Council last night approved the city's 969.5 million dollar operating budget for the year. 


Columbus City Council last night amended Mayor Andy Ginther’s 2020 municipal budget proposal, adding 4.5 million dollars in programs and initiatives. 

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation requiring owners of short-term rental properties to submit to a state criminal background check before being issued a permit. 

Nationwide Children's Hospital is asking the Columbus City Schools to sign off on a 100-percent tax abatement for a new, for-profit division.

Columbus City Council last night approved legislation creating a financial penalty on secondary market sellers who fail to pay the city’s ticket tax for sporting events and shows. 

Columbus Division of Police

Columbus City Council last night approved a 450 thousand dollar settlement with porn star Stormy Daniels, who sued the police officers who she alleged wrongfully arrested her at a strip club last year. 

Ohio Public Radio

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther easily won re-election Tuesday over write-in candidate Jeff Leopard. 

WCBE files

A group that has tried three times to change the size of Columbus City Council and the council electoral process plans to try again. 

Columbus City Council last night approve spending 275 thousand dollars on programs to help people facing eviction or homelessness.