Columbus Division Of Police

Columbus police say they killed an armed man wearing a hockey-type mask who tried to rob a restaurant and confronted responding officers on Saturday.

Two people were arrested Monday during a protest of police brutality at the Martin Luther King Junior Birthday Breakfast in Columbus.

Columbus police say an officer was bitten by a coyote last night on the north side, promting authorities to shoot and kill the animal.

The owners of a now-defunct north side strip club have filed a lawsuit against vice officers and the City of Columbus, alleging the club and its dancers were targeted in retaliation for balking at an officer’s demand to rehire a former bouncer. 

A man is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot by Columbus police. 


Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther today named Tom Quinlan as the city's police chief. 

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Attorneys for porn star Stormy Daniels are asking a judge to grant them attorney fees before competing claims on her 450 thousand dollar settlement with the City of Columbus are dealt with. 

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The Columbus Safety Director has placed on paid leave a police officer who authorities say paid prostitutes for sex while on-duty. 

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An arbitrator has ruled a Columbus police officer fired  for soliciting prostitutes while on duty must be reinstated.

Columbus Division of Police

Columbus City Council last night approved a 450 thousand dollar settlement with porn star Stormy Daniels, who sued the police officers who she alleged wrongfully arrested her at a strip club last year.

Attorneys for porn star Stormy Daniels are challenging a request by President Trump's lawyers to stake claim to a settlement between Daniels and the City of Columbus.  

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There are now two final candidates  for Columbus' next Police Chief.

Attorneys for President Trump have notified the court overseeing a settlement between the City of Columbus and porn star Stormy Daniels of money owed to him by Daniels. 

The committee conducting the search for a new Columbus Police Chief has narrowed the list of applicants down to five finalists. 

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The Columbus Community Safety Advisory Commission is asking for the creation of a civilian review board for Columbus Police.  

The City of Columbus says 36 people have applied for the job of police chief.

The City of Columbus wants a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit by strip club dancers who allege malicious prosecution by two police officers from the since-disbanded vice unit. 

Fifteen people have applied to become the next Columbus police chief. 

A Columbus police officer shot and wounded a person last night on the east side.

A federal judge has dismissed a wrongful death lawsuit against Columbus police over the 2016 shooting of a man by undercover officers. 

A veteran Columbus police officer is facing three counts of dereliction of duty, and the division plans to develop more formal procedures to review the integrity of cases.

Columbus police have identified the man shot and killed by officers Wednesday night on the southeast side. 

Columbus police shot and killed a person last night while investigating a parking complaint. 

Columbus police have filed misdemeanor charges against a man who allegedly flew a drone near a police helicopter in July, forcing the chopper to make an emergency landing. 

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The family of a woman who was fatally shot by a Columbus vice squad officer is seeking more than 3.5 million dollars in damages in a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the officer, the city and the police division. 


An independent report of Columbus Division of Police operations has revealed disparities in the way residents and officers within the division experience policing.

A judge Friday sentenced a Columbus teen to three years in a youth correctional facility for her role in an attempted robbery last year that authorities say led to a police officer shooting and killing her boyfriend.

Columbus police have released documents detailing departmental charges against five officers associated with an undercover operation that led to porn star Stormy Daniels' arrest at a strip club last year. 

Columbus police have launched a major restructuring.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is investigating an incident between a Columbus Police helicopter and a drone.