Conceal-Carry Licenses

A new cross-check system between separate state law enforcement agencies has turned up 42 ineligible holders of concealed-weapon permits. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Ohio Governor John Kasich is using an unusual procedure that will allow a gun bill to become law without his signature. 

The Ohio Attorney General's office says more than 131 thousand conceal-carry licenses were issued last year, down 34 percent from the record set in 2016 and below the five-year average.

State officials say an unprecedented number of Ohioans now have licenses to carry concealed handguns.

The Ohio House has approved a bill to expand the state's concealed weapons law to allow guns in places such as colleges and day cares and on private aircraft. 

The number of concealed-carry licenses issued or renewed last year in Ohio marked the first decline in several years. 

Ohio House Approves Hunter Silencer Use Bill

Dec 11, 2014

The Ohio House has approved a Senate-passed bill allowing hunters to use silencers and relaxing some rules for concealed handgun licenses.

Lawmakers Working To Close Conceal-Carry Loophole

May 15, 2014

Some Ohio lawmakers are trying to close a gun law loophole allowing municipalities to get around a provision permitting concealed weapons in parks.