COVID-19 vaccine

More than a dozen mass vaccination clinics around the state are open or about to open, and nearly 30 percent of the state's population have received at least one dose of the vaccine.  

But the more easily transmissible variants are increasing dramatically. 92 cases of the variant were reported less than three weeks ago; the state health department reported 620 variant cases Thursday.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says the state "can't vaccinate fast enough." 

Ohio House Democrats

Nearly all of Ohio’s Democratic lawmakers in the Ohio Legislature have already received COVID-19 vaccines or plan to do so in the near future. And most of Ohio’s Republican legislators have or are doing the same. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports.

All Ohioans over 16 are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. But there are still reports of people having problems finding appointments near home. At a shot clinic in Vinton County Monday, the governor said the state may start moving doses around after it gets its next shipment Tuesday. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

The odds of dying after getting a COVID-19 vaccine are virtually nonexistent.

According to recent data from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, you're three times more likely to get struck by lightning.

But you might not know that from looking at your social media feed.

Jo Ingles

There’s a rush for COVID-19 vaccines in many parts of Ohio, as those who are eligible race to book appointments for shots as soon as they become available.

Dayton and Montgomery County say they’ll open their vaccine clinics to people over 16 starting Tuesday, following an announcement from Ohio's Governor about clinics that have been seeing empty slots on their schedules.

Dan Konik

Advocates for cancer patients have been pushing for them to be added to the state’s COVID-19 vaccine eligibility list.

Beginning Friday March 19th, Ohioans age 40 and over, and people with medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, chronic kidney disease and obesity can schedule a COVID-19 vacccine.  And starting March 29th all adult Ohioans will be eligible.

Dan Konik

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says the national goal laid out by President Biden to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to every adult by May 1 is within reach for the state.

The list of Ohioans who will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines still doesn’t include cancer patients.

Pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinics will open next week in Columbus and Cincinnati, in addition to 16 long-term clinics that will be sprinkled around the state.  

Jo Ingles

Nearly all Ohio schools are returning to in-person or hybrid learning after pledging to do so to get vaccines for employees.

News regarding vaccines seems to change everyday: new vaccines coming online from more sources, new age groups and professions approved for appointments, new reports about our neighbors who are wary of getting a shot, and updates about variants of the virus. Our panel will discuss these topics surrounding the conversation about COVID vaccines.

A seven-day-a-week mass COVID-19 vaccination site capable of delivering 6,000 shots a day will open at Cleveland State University later this month, with support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Ohio Department of Health

After two months, 1.6 million vaccinations have been delivered in Ohio, to over 14 percent of the state's adult population.  And the state is about to receive more vaccines that ever before.

As of Thursday, over 1.5 million COVID-19 vaccinations have been delivered in Ohio.  13 percent of the state's adult population have received at least the first dose of the two-shot regimen.  

Columbus Public Health

As the vaccine rollout continues, Columbus health officials are dispelling the myths associated with getting vaccinated and making a change when it comes to second dose scheduling. 


More than half of the COVID deaths in Ohio have been in nursing homes. The nursing home death toll jumped by nearly 1,300 in the last week, as the Ohio Department of Health added in 4,000 unaccounted-for deaths to the state’s running total. And many workers in nursing homes and long term care facilities who were moved to the front of the vaccine line are still rejecting their place in it. 

Alison Holm

At Tuesday's coronavirus press conference Ohio Governor Mike DeWine called out several school districts including Columbus City Schools, that aren't on track to have all students back in school at least part time by March 1rst.  At Tuesday evening's school board meeting officials say there's solid and systemic reasons why that won't happen.  Alison Holm has more.   

At Tuesday's cornavirus briefing Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced some residents in five northern Ohio nursing homes will need to be vaccinated again, after some shots were spoiled through human error.

Office of Gov. Mike Dewine

Ohio's Governor and First Lady were vaccinated Tuesday, 2 of the nearly 883-thousand first doses that have been adminstered so far, representing 7.55 percent of Ohio's adult population.  

Cincinnati Public Schools began giving school-based staff COVID shots Thursday , but the state's official school vaccination program starts Monday.  

Workers organizations are beginning to petition the state for priority COVID-19  vaccines.

While state officials are scrambling to get more vials of the COVID-19 vaccine for Ohioans, medical professionals administering the shots are finding ways to get more doses from each vial.  

Dan Konik

Ohio’s k-12 schools will begin vaccinating their employees later this week.

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President Biden announced Tuesday that his administration is working to purchase an additional 200 million doses of the two COVID-19 vaccines that have been authorized for emergency use, with the goal, the White House says, of having enough vaccine supply for the entire adult U.S. population by the end of the summer.

He also announced steps to increase vaccine doses going to state and local governments over the next three weeks, and to provide them more clarity going forward about how much supply they should expect.

With a spotlight on COVID-19 vaccine distribution shortcomings, there's another bottleneck that could prevent inoculations from significantly speeding up in the near future: Pfizer's and Moderna's ability to scale up manufacturing and deliver doses to the U.S. government.

The companies promised to deliver 100 million doses apiece to the United States by the end of March. But they'll need to make huge leaps in a short time to meet that goal.

Columbus Realtors yesterday hosted its annual economic and real estate forecast. The group releases the region's record-setting 2020 housing report later today. 

Kenny McDonald, President & CEO for the 11-county economic development organization One Columbus, expressed optimism for the region but with a key assumption regarding COVID-19. 

Ohio's eight largest teachers unions, including the Columbus Education Association, are denouncing the way Ohio Governor DeWine is rushing a return to in-person classes weeks before school staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  

A Columbus vaccine provider has been suspended by the Ohio Department of Health for failing to properly store the Moderna vacccines.