Cyber Security

A group of guys are staring into a laptop, exchanging excited giggles. Every couple minutes there's an "oooooh" that morphs into an expectant hush.

The Las Vegas scene seems more like a college dorm party than a deep dive into the democratic process.

Cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon are being tossed around. One is cracked open and spews foam all over a computer keyboard.

"That's a new vulnerability!" someone yells.

Franklin University is hosting a day-long event today that will test students' skills at defending against cyberattacks. 

Ohio Public Radio

Businesses, universities and governments are taking on a growing danger that is playing out through digital attacks.

A cyber protection team of soldiers from U.S. Army National Guard units in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan will be among the first of three such teams beginning work this fall to support the military's cyber defense efforts.