Of the many sectors of the American economy slammed by the coronavirus pandemic, the businesses and individuals who provide child care to an estimated 12 million children under age 5 are among the hardest hit.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine today announced steps to ease restrictions on daycare centers that have kept some parents from going back to work.

A new report from a group of business leaders shows many Ohio companies cannot get back on their feet because their employees no longer have affordable day care options.


Child care facilities may reopen under strict new rules on May 31, a move that's considered essential for many workers to return to their jobs.

Office of Governor Mike DeWine

After saying last week that an announcement on reopening child care centers would be coming Monday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said today he wasn't ready to bring forward a date or plans on that quite yet.

Associated Press

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is backtracking on his Monday order about the use of protective masks by retail customers, saying instead that they're a strong recommendation.  

A state order closing most daycare takes effect on Thursday, as part of the effort to decrease exposure to the coronavirus.  The governor and health officials signaled  this move well in advance, and earlier this week Ohio Governor Mike DeWine reported that the number of kids in state-subsidized and private childcare had dropped dramatically.  So far, over 2,000 childcare centers have received the special pandemic designation, but as statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports, there will be limited openings in those facilities.

Governor Mike DeWine capped a week of orders limiting people’s travel and virus exposure with a “Stay At Home” order begins Monday at midnight and extends through April 6th.  He says there are some “common sense” exemptions.