Dayton Public Schools

Ohio Public Radio

A local judge has blocked local school districts from intervening in the civil lawsuit against the now-closed Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.  

Dayton teachers' union leaders are blasting a conservative political group for a video that casts them in a negative light.

Rhonda Corr is out as superintendent of Dayton Public Schools.

Dayton schools superintendent Rhonda Corr says the school board is playing politics with her job.

Indianapolis City Schools

Dayton school board members have a list of complaints about superintendent Rhonda Corr, who was placed on leave last week.

Indianapolis City Schools

The Dayton school board has placed Superintendent Rhonda Corr on paid leave amid an investigation into harassment and discrimination. 

The Dayton school board last night ratified a two-year contract with the teachers union.

The Dayton Public Schools and the teachers union last night reached a two-year contract agreement, ending plans for a strike to begin today.

Teachers in the Columbus City Schools are demanding a better contract. 

Indianapolis City Schools

The Dayton school board has chosen Rhonda Corr to be the district's next superintendent.