Down Syndrome

Abortion was a big issue in Ohio in 2019, as it has been for several years. 

Public opinion on abortion rights is often framed as a binary choice between two political positions, but a closer look at new polling data from Gallup reveals more nuance.

While a majority of Americans support legalized abortion in early pregnancy, most oppose it in the later stages, according to the survey.


A federal judge has put on hold an Ohio law prohibiting doctors from performing abortions based on a Down Syndrome diagnosis. 

Ohio Public Radio

A lawsuit has been filed over a newly signed state law that bans abortion at the point a Down Syndrome diagnosis is made.

Ohio Governor John Kasich has signed 15 bills into law before leaving for a holiday break. 

Ohio Legislative Services Commission

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure banning abortion when a fetus is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

The Ohio Senate has approved a measure banning abortions based on a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House has put the state a step closer to becoming the third in the nation to pass a ban on abortions after a Down Syndrome diagnosis.

Ohio Public Radio

An Ohio House committee has passed a bill that would make the state the third in the country to ban abortion after a Down Syndrome diagnosis.

Associated Press

Democrats and abortion rights groups say they will fight the Republican controlled Ohio legislature over pending bills that would further restrict abortions.

Any Day Now

Feb 3, 2013

An even-handed look at gay adoption and Down Syndrome.