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A judge has rejected a request by several Ohio cities to delay part of the state's new gun law. 

The Ohio House has approved a bill prohibiting local communities from banning single use plastic bags.

Bans on single-use plastic bags in Bexley and in Cuyahoga County are scheduled to take effect in January. 

A  home rule provision was added to the Ohio constitution by voters in 1912, and the struggles between local officials and state lawmakers have raged almost since the beginning.

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Ohio legislators passed a law in 2006 preventing local governments from passing any gun laws that are more restrictive than those enacted at the state level.

Bexley is one of three Ohio communities banning the use of plastic shopping bags to help protect the environment.

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley says his city is joining Columbus in taking the state to court over a recently-passed gun law.  

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The president of the Ohio Senate doesn't think lawmakers infringed on cities' rights with legislation that supersedes local gun ordinances and gives citizens the right to challenge those laws in court. 


The city of Columbus today filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio to halt legislation enacted last year because it limits the ability municipalities have to enact local gun ordinances.

Dozens of Ohio cities, including Columbus, have filed lawsuits challenging a state law allowing four telecommunications companies to place wireless antennas on municipal buildings within city limits.

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Opponents of a bill that would ban local restrictions on pet stores say state lawmakers shouldn't pass that legislation.