Inspector General Randall Meyer

WCBE files

Records show Ohio's Inspector General declined to investigate allegations of collusion and political manipulation involving the governor and attorney general. 

The Ohio Inspector General's office says the state overpaid 18 government employees by nearly 50 thousand dollars  for cashing out unused vacation time.

The Ohio Inspector General says former Ohio State Dental Board director Lili Reitz improperly shared information about an anonymous complaint with a former board member.

The Ohio Inspector General's office says an employee at the Southeastern Correctional Complex in Lancaster stole over 22,000 from the prison last year.  

State of Ohio

Ohio Inspector General Randall Meyer has completed his investigation of claims the governor’s office swayed water quality permit decisions based on political pressure. 

Kasich Defends Taylor In Timesheet Probe

Jun 17, 2014
State of Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich is defending Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, after two of her top aides resigned because of concerns about their timesheets.

The Ohio watchdog's office will consider reissuing its report on a 2005 rare-coin investment scandal after inaccurate information suggested then-Gov. Bob Taft's criminal record was expunged.