Larry Householder

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder has unveiled a proposal that would dramatically overhaul the state's energy policy. 

Governor Mike DeWine's office says the state gas tax would rise by 11-cents-per gallon in a deal reached Thursday with the speaker of the Ohio House on the state transportation budget. 

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is standing behind the revenue estimates used to create his state budget proposal, as Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder suggests he's leaning toward more conservative figures from the legislature's economic analysts.  

A legislative aide in the Ohio House who filed a complaint of inappropriate workplace behavior just before the election of the new speaker has lost her job.

The election of Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder caused a shakeup among minority House Democrats. 

After months of political positioning and backroom deals, the Ohio House has a new speaker. 

Ohio Public Radio

Ohio House Republicans Thursday selcted Ryan Smith to remain as Speaker next session in a vote questioned by backers of his main rival. 

The head of Ohio’s government watchdog agency has found what he’s calling “rampant fraud, waste and abuse” in the inmate vocational training program that operates 33 shops at 13 prisons. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Still no word on who the next speaker of the Ohio House might be. 

Statehouse News Bureau

Tuesday’s primary election could  impact on who gets selected next week to be Speaker of the Ohio House.

One of the state lawmakers who serves on the panel that approved Ohio's medical marijuana program wants to put it on hold until certain questions are answered.

Andy Chow / Ohio Statehouse News Bureau

The debate over gun-free zones is back in full swing at the Statehouse as lawmakers argue which should take precedence: the rights of gun owners or the rights of property owners.

Former Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder has returned two improper campaign donations from county party organizations.