Marc Dann

Dan Konik / Statehouse News Bureau

Unemployed Ohioans who were hoping lawsuits would bring back $300 weekly checks that were discontinued this summer will have a bit longer to wait for a resolution to those cases.


A Franklin County judge is expected to rule in the coming days on a lawsuit that seeks to restore the $300 weekly checks that the federal government was providing to unemployed people through September. Ohio became one of 26 states that ended the program last month.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled a foreclosure process that sells homes without compensating owners for their equity is legal. 


New rules on speed and red-light cameras started this month, as the new transportation budget went into effect.

The National Rifle Association is dismissing former Democratic Ohio attorney general's Mark Dann's op-ed in which he says he got "in the pocket" of the gun-rights group to protect his political career and now regrets it. 

Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann went before the Ohio Supreme Court this week.

Former Attorney General Marc Dann is preparing to argue his first case before the Ohio Supreme Court since being forced from office amid a sexual harassment scandal, convicted of an ethics violation and temporarily stripped of his law license.