The Ohio Attorney General has rejected petition language for a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana. 

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Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio have submitted one thousand petition signatures to the Attorney General's office. 

The alcohol Breathalyzer came to life slowly, over the course of decades.

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The Ohio Attorney General says he is creating a grant program to help local law enforcement agencies test between hemp and marijuana. 

As more states legalize marijuana, more people in the U.S. are buying and using weed — and the kind of weed they can buy has become much stronger.

That concerns scientists who study marijuana and its effects on the body, as well as emergency room doctors who say they're starting to see more patients who come into the ER with weed-associated issues.

The attorneys general of 38 states and territories sent a letter to congressional leaders on Wednesday, urging them: Please, let us bank the money generated by the country's booming cannabis business.

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The Franklin County Sheriff's office has released details of last week's raid of a Buena Vista Avenue home, where deputies seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana and found 43 cats being hoarded.  

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Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith has pleaded guilty to a drug charge in a deal with prosecutors. 

The Columbus man who federal prosecutors say led a marijuana trafficking ring that stretched from central Ohio to Las Vegas has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Three East High School students are recovering after they ingested cookies laced with marijuana on Tuesday.

A Marysville-based lawn products maker has made an unusual purchase.

Two dozen concertgoers in Richland County suffered medical symptoms after they ate candy laced with a drug found in marijuana.

A new study by the American Automobile Association contains some facts Ohio lawmakers and police may not like.

Federal prosecutors say three Columbus men and a man from Florida appeared in court yesterday on charges of running a drug ring.

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A legal challenge has been launched against part of a recently adopted ordinance in Toledo abolishing jail terms and fines for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

A federal judge has dismissed a dispute over subpoenas issued in an investigation into last year's marijuana legalization ballot effort.

The group behind the marijuana legalization amendment voters rejected earlier this month has been given permission to proceed with a related proposal. 

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana suffered a big defeat at the ballot box. 

Backers of Issue 3, the proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize marijuana in Ohio, say passage is a matter of life and death for some Ohioans. 

Ohio could be the first state to legalize medical and recreational marijuana use if voters approve State Issue 3 next week.

People who want to legalizate medical marijuana in Ohio say they are ready to vote for Issue 3, even if they don’t particularly like all of the aspects of the plan. 

When Ohio voters go to the polls next month, they’ll be voting on a proposed constitutional amendment that could legalize marijuana. But that won’t be the only issue on the ballot. 

Working under a tight deadline, the Ohio Ballot Board on Friday approved new language for a marijuana legalization amendment that will appear on ballots as Issue 3.

Republican Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has expressed interest in becoming governor.

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The Ohio Ballot Board has approved the language for three issues voters will decide this fall. 

Ohio voters will have the chance to decide this fall whether marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational use.  

The group that wants to put a marijuana legalization plan before voters this fall is in the process of collecting roughly 40,000 additional valid petition signatures to be able to do that.

The group working to get a marijuana legalization issue on the fall ballot has passed the next step in a separate effort to have some related crimes expunged.

State lawmakers have sent a proposal to the fall ballot that would ban constitutional monopolies, an effort with the potential to scuttle marijuana legalization in the state. 

A group that wants to put a marijuana legalization plan on this fall’s ballot has turned in its petition signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.