Medicaid expansion

Budget Bill Vote Today

Jun 27, 2013

State lawmakers are scheduled to vote today on the new two year state budget bill.

Ohio lawmakers continue to grapple with the question of what to do with the Medicaid program. Governor Kasich, business groups and Democrats want the state to expand Medicaid in the state budget.

Lawmakers Introduce Medicaid Bill

Jun 14, 2013

State lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan proposal aimed at curbing Medicaid costs.

Kasich Continues Backing Medicaid Expansion

Jun 6, 2013

Ohio Governor John Kasich says he hasn't given up on his plan to expand Medicaid.

Veterans Advocates Push For Medicaid Expansion

Jun 4, 2013

Advocates for Ohio veterans say expanding Medicaid would make 26 thousand vets eligible.

Senate Committee Releasing Budget Bill Today

May 28, 2013

An Ohio Senate committee is releasing its version of the two year state budget bill today.

Lawmaker Offers Medicaid Expansion Alternative

May 28, 2013

Ohio lawmakers considering the proposed two year state budget are not likely to approve Governor John Kasich's proposal to expand Medicaid.

Faber Gives No Specifics On Medicaid "Reform" Plan

May 14, 2013

Republican Ohio Senate President Keith Faber told a Cleveland City Club audience Monday lawmakers are open to pursuing a Medicaid bill before the end of the year.

Activists Lobby For Medicaid Expansion

May 14, 2013

Advocates for expanding Medicaid used the Mother's Day holiday to ask state lawmakers what their mothers would do about the issue.

Supporters of Medicaid Expansion Delay Decision On Ballot Issue

May 8, 2013

Supporters of extending Medicaid coverage to more low-income Ohioans say they plan to hold off until July further work on putting the issue on the statewide ballot.

Bill Expanding Medicaid Introduced

May 2, 2013

Minority Democrats in the Ohio Senate have introduced a bill to expand the Medicaid program under the federal health care law after the idea was stripped from the state budget.

Governor Stumps For Medicaid Expansion

Apr 4, 2013

Major parts of Ohio Governor John Kasich's two-year state budget proposal are facing opposition from his fellow Republicans.

Republican Ohio Senate President Keith Faber has said he views expanding Medicaid under the federal health care law as an ultimatum from the Obama administration.

Medicaid Expansion Rally Draws Unusual Coalition

Mar 14, 2013

There’s an old saying --- Politics makes strange bedfellows. And that was evident Thursday at a rally in Columbus, supporting a proposal to expand Medicaid in Ohio to individuals with incomes as high as 38% above the official poverty level. More than 300 people attended the event, and statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen reports it was an unusual mix.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Ohio's state treasurer is encouraging fellow Republicans in the Legislature to reject Governor John Kasich's proposed expansion of Medicaid.