Our critics define "Thriller."

The Father

Feb 28, 2021

It's the acting that makes this drama a constant nominee for awards.

The World to Come

Feb 28, 2021

Splendidly wrought and fraught, this rough-country romance is worth every second of love and loss.

It's Movie Time Feb 26, '21 Nomadland

Feb 25, 2021

John and Mary praise this Oscar-worthy road pic with the Oscar-worthy Frances McDormand (in theaters).

Film reviewed: Nomadland

by host John DeSando and guest, Mary Yerina

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Denzel is the balance between actor and star.

John and Mary love this award-winning road show.

A docudrama filled with history from the tumultuous '60's.

The best thriller of the year, and it's funny. On Netflix.

Malcolm & Marie

Feb 20, 2021

An  intensely-acted romantic drama on Netflix. And it's a two-hander.

John and Kevin admire this Korean Oscar bait. It's low-key good about family.

Animation King-Pixar's Soul is an example of  excellent animation.

An exciting companion to Maneri and an echo of Parasite's greatness. Prime


Feb 12, 2021

A Korean family moves to Arkansas to farm:  a lovely indie on almost everyone's Oscar list. In theaters Friday.

It's light fare, silly overall, but a relief from our gloomy winter, pandemic, and post-Trump days.

It's Movie Time Feb 12, '21 The Little Things

Feb 11, 2021

John/Wayne assess the new thriller starring 3 Oscar winners.

John and Johnny, inspired by Nomadland, talk about going west in movies.

John/Wayne podcast about the new Denzel Washington thriller, The Little Things

John and Johnny discuss the Go-West theme.

It's Movie Time Feb 5, '21 The Dig

Feb 4, 2021

John and Linda review Netflix's The Dig.

Penguin Bloom

Feb 3, 2021

An enjoyable drama about a family mending from catastrophe.  On Netflix.

Back Talk (an It's Movie Time podcast) Feb 1, '21The DIg

Feb 2, 2021

John and Linda podcast about Netflix's The Dig.

Back Talk (produced by It’s Movie Time)

Film Reviewed on Podcast: The Dig (Netflix)

by host John DeSando and guest, Linda Baas McClelland

Back Talk (produced by It’s Movie Time) is an extension of the long-running, award-winning movie review show It's Movie Time, which airs Fridays at 3:01 and 8:01 PM on WCBE 90.5 FM, Columbus, Ohio. Hosted by John DeSando, the podcast version features additional content and banter with guests.

The Little Things

Jan 31, 2021

It's a little thriller with big stars. Flawed but fun to watch if you don't ask too much.

The Dig

Jan 30, 2021

A highly entertaining old-fashioned historical drama about one of the greatest finds in history. On Netflix.

Hillbilly Elegy

Nov 25, 2020

Flawed adaptation whose main virtue is casting Glen Close.

It's Movie Time Nov 20, '20 The Nest

Nov 19, 2020

John and Mary argue about and enjoy the new thriller, The Nest, with Jude Law.

The Nest

Nov 17, 2020

Jude Law and Carrie Coon are quite good as a married couple watching their family deteriorate. On Prime.

John and Johnny talk about comedies that are either cringe or crass or both.

In their Back Talk podcast, John and Mary  enjoy discussing The Nest, starring Jude Law.

A comprehensive and entertaining doc about the JFK murder that  glosses the major conspirator theories and draws its own conclusions.