Riders of Justice

May 31, 2021

A  revenge film with dark and light rare in the genre. At the Gateway film center and on demand.

John and Johnny define American "gothic" in movies.

John and Mindy like the scares in this fine horror sequel.

John and Linda find a classic film to help them through the weak movie time of the year.

A Quiet Place Part II

May 28, 2021

As good a PG-13 horror entertainment as you are likely to see anytime.

John and Jordan admire this indie about love and marriage and breaking up.

Guy Ritchie is a multicolored filmmaker.

John and Jordan share about an exciting indie filled with love, marriage, and breaking up.


May 22, 2021

A perceptive drama about a journalist who online infiltrates ISIS 8 years ago . Based on a true story, it's a cautionary tale for all of us users.  In theaters.

Small Town Crime

May 20, 2021

Neo-noir crime well-worth a relaxing evening with Netflix.

Filmmaker Guy Ritchie is worth the analytic time of John and Johnny.

John and Mary try to find redeeming qualities in this thriller adaptation.

John and Johnny are impressed by Mads Mikkelsen  after his role in the Oscar-winning Another Round.

A little gothic in a fraught small-town romance.

John and Johnny enjoy the emergence of Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

John and Mary search for something good to say about The Woman in the Window.


May 16, 2021

A well-made sci fi with interesting stuff going on inside a small pod.

Hitchcock does it better, ambiguous thriller that is.


May 13, 2021

The Saw series has spiraled out of creativity into plot repetition and violence porn.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

John and Johnny discuss the controversy over Mel Gibson's racist remarks.

John/Wayne compare Jason Statham and Bob Odenkirk in Wrath of Man and Nobody.

Wrath of Man

May 8, 2021

Another fun thriller from a director who likes working with the stylish Jason Statham.

John and Kevin enjoy reviewing Amanda Seyfried's new thriller, Things Heard & Seen.  Kevin admires it! On Netflix.

John and Johnny review the representation of Black Cowboys in cinema.

John and Kevin have fun with Amanda Seyfried's new horror film, Things Heard & Seen.

Inspired by Concrete Cowboy, John and Johnny survey Black cowboys in cinema.

Things Heard & Seen

Apr 30, 2021

A  virtual scare to distract from our horrible pandemic.

(Netflix) Vizontele

Apr 29, 2021

Turkey produced another fine flick, this time fusing light comedy with heavy philosophy.

It's Movie Time April 30, '21 Oscars

Apr 29, 2021

John and Jordan give their thoughts on the Oscar ceremony  2021.