John and Johnny give their final thoughts on the 2021 Oscars

Back Talk (an It's Movie Time podcast) Oscars

Apr 28, 2021

John and Jordan evaluate the 2021 Oscars and the Ceremony.

John and Johnny give their final assessment of Oscars 2021.

Film discussion: Oscars 2021 Ceremony

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

Another Round

Apr 26, 2021

Oscar winner (International Feature) and incisive story about the middle-aged crisis of four teachers.

Together Together

Apr 25, 2021

A sweet romcom with an unusual twist.


Apr 23, 2021

It's crowded inside that space ship with no shortage of challenges before it reaches Mars.

This is John's written review, but listen to Mindy on It's Movie Time's 4/26 show as she highlights the humor and relevance of this worthy comedy.

It's Movie Time April 23, '21 Shiva Baby

Apr 22, 2021

John and Mindy have some laughs with the  comedy, Shiva Baby, streaming on Prime.


Apr 21, 2021

Who knew opiods could be so complex? Try this demanding thriller/sci-fi.

The secrets of the best supporting actor/actress categories  are revealed.


Apr 19, 2021

Social realism at its most entertaining and insightful. On Netflix.

John and Mindy discuss the humorous/satirical elements of comedy Shiva Baby.

The secrets of the best supporting actor/actress category are revealed.

John and Mary found stables in N Philly and a sweet story about Black cowboys. (Netflix)

Our critics explain "director's cut."

John and Mary banter about the Netflix Concrete Cowboy starring Idris Elba and the Fletcher St. Stables of Philly.

French Exit

Apr 10, 2021

It's Paris and Michelle Pfeiffer and a few laughs.


Apr 8, 2021

Seaspiracy (Netflix Original)

You may not eat fish again if you watch this passionate Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, about global corruption, from destroying marine life with plastic garbage to slaughtering whales and dolphins using slave labor. I may exaggerate my tone as director/narrator Ali Tabrizi too often does, but if there is just a small portion of truth here, you best pay attention to see what you can do about our seas.

John and Gunter have fun bringing this little-known Netflix docudrama to the NPR audience.

Concrete Cowboy

Apr 7, 2021

An unusual Netflix drama about Black cowboys in Philadelphia.

John and Johnny debate the merits of theater v home viewing.

John and Gunter have fun with a little known Netflix docudrama.

The Courier

Apr 5, 2021

A spy story worth seeing in theaters and an actor convincingly real.

John and Johnny argue about the Oscar Nominations in 2021.


Mar 30, 2021

Bob Odenkirk deserves to be in the bad-boy club headed by Liam Neeson.

It's Movie Time April 2, '21 The Father

Mar 30, 2021

John and Kevin evaluate one of the leading Oscar nominees, The Father, with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman also nominated.

John and Johnny argue about the Oscar Nominations in 2021.

Save Yourselves!

Mar 27, 2021

Hulu and other services offer a romantic comedy with a light sci-fi touch.

The Father  is one of the leading 2021 Oscar nominations.

The Oscar nominations for 2021 are up for criticism and acclaim on Double Take.