It's Movie Time Nov 20, '20 The Nest

Nov 19, 2020

John and Mary argue about and enjoy the new thriller, The Nest, with Jude Law.

The Nest

Nov 17, 2020

Jude Law and Carrie Coon are quite good as a married couple watching their family deteriorate. On Prime.

John and Johnny talk about comedies that are either cringe or crass or both.

In their Back Talk podcast, John and Mary  enjoy discussing The Nest, starring Jude Law.

A comprehensive and entertaining doc about the JFK murder that  glosses the major conspirator theories and draws its own conclusions.

Light, formula-driven Christmas musical just right for kids.

Mel IS "Fatman"

Nov 13, 2020

The first of my off-center holiday films.

It's Movie Time Nov 13, '20 Let Him Go

Nov 12, 2020

John/Wayne urge you to go to a responsible theater like Gateway to see this  fine modern Western with two stars who have played Superman's parents!

Lamenting the loss, John and Johnny assess the career of the late Sean Connery.

John/Wayne banter about the new gothic Western, Let Him Go.

Back Talk (produced by It’s Movie Time)

Film Reviewed on Podcast: Let Him Go

by host John DeSando and guest

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Let Him Go

Nov 9, 2020

A new gothic western with some Old West sensibilities. Searchers anyone?

The Endless Trench

Nov 6, 2020

A European movie with American sensibilities--autocrats and lockdowns, Franco and  Covid.

John and Johnny talk about the late Sean Connery and especially James Bond.


Nov 6, 2020

At Thanksgiving time, a cautionary tale about families who take family too seriously. In theaters Nov.6.

John and Kevin make sense of the new Borat movie, and laugh.

The success of Jim Cummings with Thunder Road and Wolf of Snow Hollow prompt a closer look.

Black Box

Nov 3, 2020

Welcome to the Blumhouse has a Christopher-Nolan-like mind bender that should make horror genre buffs happy.

Semi-autobiographical story about a rising playwright and rapper in NYC, Radha Blank. On Netflix.


Nov 2, 2020

A fine sci-fi filled with humanity and not overburdened with tech.

Rebecca (2020)

Nov 1, 2020

As much a thriller as a psychodrama, Rebecca stands up in revisiting.

His House

Oct 30, 2020

A scare, but not in the usual way. Classy thriller.

The Package

Oct 29, 2020

You'd be surprised at how enjoyable this bizarre teen comedy is.

John and daughter Courtney revisit their broadcast from April, when the pandemic was in an early stage and The Shawshank Redemption an inspired antidote. Little did they know Covid-19 would be returning everyday for over a half year and still going strong.

John and Kevin have fun with Borat's new adventure in America.

For Halloween, John and Johnny talk about current scary movies.

Film discussion: Scary Movies at Halloween Time

with co-hosts John DeSando and Johnny DiLoretto

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The Disrupted

Oct 26, 2020

Without mighty contemporary challenges like Covid, this doc still does a competent job depicting the decline of the middle class.

Outrageous, gross, crass, cringeworthy, forced, and bold.  It's a hot mess of topical satire.

John and Mary praise this addition to the recent films about heroic WWII women. On Amazon Prime.

John and Johnny comment on some recent scary movies in honor of Halloween.


Oct 20, 2020

Horror in music and the mind--a most-sophisticated scary story.