North Carolina

Columbus City Council last night approved a resolution prohibiting municipal employees from making non-essential trips to North Carolina in response to that state’s law requiring people to use bathrooms based on the gender on that person's birth certificate.

State of Ohio

A conservative state lawmaker says he's considering drafting legislation to ban gender neutral bathrooms. 

Franklin County Commission employees won't be traveling to North Carolina or Mississippi on official business anymore.

Columbus City Council tonight is scheduled to consider a ban on unnecessary travel by city employees to North Carolina in protest of that state's recently enacted law mandating which public restrooms transgender people are allowed to use.


A resolution moving through the Statehouse challenges Connecticut's insistence that one of its aviators beat the Wright brothers of Dayton to the first successful airplane flight by two years.

Ohio and North Carolina both claim the designation "First in Flight".

Funeral arrangements are pending for a Columbus man who died while pulling his two sons from the Atlantic Ocean in North Carolina.